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Trade Talk And Booze Talk   Leave a comment

Update: The Tyson Chandler deal has been rescinded by the Thunder. Shocking… I was even going out of my way to praise the team for the way they were building.

Starting with the ever-present Booze, well at least ever-present in the news…. not so much in the games. First, he is out Thursday, at least. Hey dude… February 17 was yesterday.

Meanwhile, from Yahoo! comes this bit

When the Detroit Pistons sheered nearly another $1 million in salary-cap space with the trade of Alex Acker to the Los Angeles Clippers this week, GM Joe Dumars further solidified his franchise as the favorite to sign Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer as a free agent this summer.

The Jazz and Boozer have grown tired of each other, and league executives believe Utah is more inclined to re-sign power forward Paul Millsap to a long-term contract.

In trade news… a 3-way deal of sorts. At it’s end…

Sacramento gets: Andres Nocioni, Drew Gooden, Cedric Simmons, Ike Diogu
Chicago gets: Brad Miller, John Salmons
Portland gets: Michael Ruffin

Blog a Bull, Sactown Royalty, and Blazer’s Edge have thoughts (BE already has like 3 posts up on it). The Kings get a trio of expiring contracts, plus Nocioni (who many people wanted for the Jazz once upon the time… me not included). Ruffin hasn’t even played this season, has he? He’s now been traded twice this season (both today, since I don’t think this was a 3-way, more like 2 2-team deals). Chicago gets a starting C (what about Noah?) And Salmons, who will probably end up on the bench… unfortunately for him and a lot of fantasy players.

The Grizzlies decided to thank the Kobes for stealing Pau Gasol from them last year, taking back Chris Mihm for a conditional 2013 2nd-rounder. 3 Shades of Blue.

Yesterday, it was Tyson Chandler to Oklahoma City for Joe Smith, Chris Wilcox and the draft rights to Devon Hardin. At The Hive and Welcome To Loud City. And here’s At The Hive explaining that it’s not a “give up on the season” trade. Sigh… if only it was.

Earlier Tuesday, the Kings traded for Sam Cassell. Sactown Royalty and CelticsBlog with thoughts.

And for a chuckle to end it… the Rockets owner on T-Mac’s season coming to an end…

“Daryl (Morey, the Rockets general manager) and I were talking this morning. We both discussed how great Tracy is in the playoffs. There’s very few people who have the ability to step up their games in the playoffs and he does. So we’re not looking to run away from Tracy.”

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Raptors/Heat Deal   1 comment

This only relates to the Jazz indirectly. The Raptors & Heat have agreed to a deal that’ll send Shawn Marion & Marcus Banks to Toronto, and Jermaine O’Neal & Jamario Moon to Miami. Marion needed a change of scenery, it seems, but Calderon/Marion/Bosh could show flashes of Nash/Marion/Stoudemire… which I don’t think The Matrix much enjoyed. On the other hand, the Heat now have a Wade/O’Neal combo. The last time they had that, they won the NBA Finals. Of course, we’re talking about a different O’Neal now.

What this does it more or less take Miami out of the running for Booze if/when he opts out, but that could lead to a painful domino effect

What this DOES do is take Carlos Boozer off the table for Miami this summer, which could create a domino chain that makes Paul Millsap more likely to move

Oh man… not good.

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Minor Trades Made… None By Jazz   Leave a comment

Update: Hassan Adams has a Shaun Livingston pulled on him, as he is released just hours after being traded for.

OKC trades a big man … to the Nuggets. The trade is as follows…

Nuggets get: Johan Petro, OKC’s 2nd round pick in 2009
Thunder get: Chucky Atkins, Denvers 1st round pick in 2009

Chucky Atkins. Seriously. It’s a salary dump for the Nuggets (like the Marcus Camby trade before the season and the Cheikh Samb trade a couple days ago… both to the Clippers, no less). The team had no need for Atkins, and decided they needed a young big-man that wasn’t Samb. Atkins is making $3.2 million this year, Johan Petro is at $1.9 million.

I guess my hopes that the Jazz would add a big man took a slight blow, as I had mentioned the Thunder bigs… but I doubt they’ll trade either Sene or Swift now. The Jazz could’ve potentially made a similar trade… Mo Almond & Flop have salaries that add up to $3.1 million, and both are expiring contracts, unlike Atkins. And it’s not like the Thunder needed a PG… they’re already lacking the minutes to keep Earl Watson & Russell Westbrook happy. And both guys have 2 years left on their contract… with Westbrook being on his rookie contract (in other words, and extension can be made). In comparison to Petro, Swift’s salary (if traded) is something like $4 million, while Sene’s is $2.2 million. All 3 are in their final year, and Swift would have to consent to any trade. Even then…

In an interesting move, the Grizzlies, already overstocked with PGs, traded for Shaun Livingston & cash considerations. In exchange for him, they gave the Heat a conditional 2012 2nd round pick. And then the Grizzlies promptly waived him. So let me get this straight… the Grizzlies waived Darius Miles to make room for Livingston, traded for Livingston… and then waived Livingston. What?

And finally, the Clippers made another minor trade… after the aforementioned Cheikh Samb & cash for a conditional 2015 2nd round pick (if it’s in the bottom 5 of the round)… trading a future conditional 2nd round pick to Toronto for Hassan Adams.

I wonder if the Jazz will make a trade to improve… they not only have the available players (previously mentioned here), but also a small trade exception from the Jason Hart trade ($484,000).

Three Team Trade   Leave a comment

The deal:
Wizards get: Mike James, Javaris Crittenton
Grizzlies get: Future 1st round pick (originally Memphis’)
Hornets get: Antonio Daniels, 2nd round pick in 2015 or cash from Memphis

After the trade went down, the Wizards released ex-Jazzster Shorty.

The Wizards were in need of guard help, especially with Agent Zero out. So they settled on youngster Javaris Crittenton (traded for the 2nd time in his short career), a youngster who was caught in a log jam in Memphis… one that resulted in him played about 6 minutes a game in 7 games this season. He struggled to get the time behind Kyle Lowry & Mike Conley (on the other hand, I assume we can put an end to the Conley-to-Portland rumors). The Wizards also acquired Mike James from the Hornets. James was added in the off-season, but couldn’t beat out Devin Brown (another ex-Jazzster) for the back-up PG spot. So now the Wizards have 2 new PGs to man the position, especially with them trading their other PG. Pradamaster over at Bullets Forever likes the deal, but nails it on the head by mentioning that it totally depends on Crittenton’s development. And nails it on the head again by mentioning that the Daniels-for-James swap is a definite downgrade.
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Suns/Bobcats Deal   3 comments

The deal:
Suns get: J-Rich, Jared Dudley
Bobcats get: Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, Sean Singletary

Seems like a wash for ex-Jazzmen today (Shorty gets cut, Bell leaves a team he wasn’t happy with).

Interesting deal though… the Suns add another wing that would really fit the system if D’Antoni was coach. (Note to Steve Kerr… D’Antoni isn’t the coach!)

Bell was unhappy in the new system. Fine. You have to deal him. From the rumblings over at Bright Side of the Sun, it seems like they think Diaw was being overpaid (which he probably was, at $9 million). Still, just dealing him because of that is stupid. I look for the Suns to be trying to add a better PG soon, be it via trade or FA. Or maybe just play Barbosa a whole lot more, as he could end up being the key back-up behind both Nash & J-Rich. They do have Alando Tucker too, but I don’t think he’s just going to jump up to playing major minutes. And trading Diaw… all of a sudden, their back-up bigs are Robin Lopez & Louis Amundson (another ex-Jazzster). Not exactly solid… at least not yet.
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Nuggets/Pistons Make A Deal   Leave a comment

No, this isn’t Jazz news. But it still impacts the Jazz in some ways. The Nuggets & Pistons completed a trade today, as Allen Iverson ended up in Detroit, and Chauncey Billups, Cheik Samb & Antonio McDyess found themselves going to Denver.

The Nuggets needed a PG, and they just found one. The Pistons, on the other hand, now have 2 SGs (AI & Rip… who just got an extension), and no real PG (unless Rodney Stuckey is ready to lead them).

There has also been talk of McDyess getting waived. If that happens, I think the Jazz should go after him. Flop is expendable (or Almond, it seems… if you can trade him for a pick), and McDyess would give the team a much better option inside than anyone we have (save ‘Sap, of course).

Good deal for both teams. It makes the Western Conference playoff race that much tougher.

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Jazz Waive McNamara   Leave a comment

As was completely expected, the Jazz have waived PG Gerry McNamara, cutting the roster down to 15 players. McNamara was the only one of the 16 players left that didn’t have a guaranteed contract, and the presence of 3 solid point guards made his likeliness to stick around very low.

Add in a not so hot preseason in which he didn’t even play very much, and the writing was on the wall a while ago. Best of luck to McNamara, where ever he ends up.

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Jazz Request Waivers on Lyde, Muoneke   Leave a comment

With the preseason all but over, it’s time to cut the roster down to 15 players from the current 18. And the Jazz started by requesting waivers on Kevin Lyde & Gabe Muoneke. To be honest, Lyde probably outperformed a couple guys in the preseason (Fesenko & Flop come to mind), but was done in by the fact that they have guaranteed contracts. In fact, he might even be a better option than them… Muoneke really didn’t seem to impress in the limited time that he got.

The roster is now at 16, with there being the 15 guys with guaranteed contracts, and Gerry McNamara. I’m guessing he could potentially play some point in the last preseason game with Deron out, but he’s not going to be on the opening day roster barring some very surprising move. Not because he doesn’t deserve it (I’m not quite sure if he does or not), but again, because he doesn’t have a guaranteed contract.

Jazz Pick Up Brewer’s Option   Leave a comment

The Jazz today announced that they had picked up the option on Ronnie Brewer’s rookie contract. As a result, they will have the rights to negotiate with him starting next off-season (kinda like Deron Williams this summer).

It was a no-brainer really. The team has needed a SG for a while (just look at their draft results over the last like 5 years, before this one), and Ronnie took a huge step forward last year. While his jumpshot still isn’t what the Jazz would like (or at least what us fans would like), the rest of his game is good (and getting better). Hopefully he’s been working on his jumper this off-season… the offense would be that much more deadly if he could start hitting the mid-range jumper.

As for Brewer… he’s saying all the right stuff.

“It’s good that he has confidence in me and that this organization has confidence in me,” Brewer said. “But that doesn’t really do anything, what you did last year. It’s all about now, so I’m looking forward to this year.”

Training camp starts tomorrow!

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Good-Bye, Gordan   Leave a comment

Yes, officially… Gordan Giricek left the Jazz in December. (Unofficially… you could argue he left the Jazz about 3 weeks… give or take… after first joining.) But now this “good-bye” is a bit more “good-bye-ish”… Gordan is heading to Turkey.

Quotes for those of you that like them…
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