If Only The First Quarter Didn’t Exist…   2 comments

Yet again, the Jazz only played 3 strong quarters, finishing the 2nd, 3rd & 4th quarters with a +5 margin. Unfortunately, they fell behind by 15 after the 1st, and ended up losing by 10.

Why the loss? Let’s see.

  • Major free throw discrepancy? Check, the Lakers shot 27 more free throws.
  • Bad team defense? Check, the Lakers had 3 guys with 20+ points, one more with 19 and one with 12. Oh, and the Lakers shot 57% from the field.
  • Bad perimeter defense? Check, the Lakers were 7-11 from long range.
  • Comparison… the Jazz were 7-18 from long range, and shot 81.2% from the line to the Lakers 81.4%. But difference from points at the line? 23. Ouch.
  • Bad shooting? Check, the Jazz were a sad 44.6% from the field. Oh, and this… the Lakers took 68 shots. The Jazz took 101.
  • Flop? Check, he played 11 minutes. On the other hand, CJ played 14 seconds.
  • Stupidity? Check… the Lakers had 9 blocks to the 1 for the Jazz, 5 by Pau Gasol himself.
  • And to note… the Jazz had more boards (offensively & total), more steals & more assists. They also had 10 more fouls. Do I blame the officiating? Yes, at least a little.

The blame can’t just go on the officiating. You also have to add in the same 3 guys from game 1. Booze was 3-10 from the field, and ended up with a bunch of stupid fouls. I don’t know where he’s disappeared to in the playoffs, but he’s stupid for it. We need him to play a lot better. A lot. No Knees jacked up 9 shots, making… 2. He also had 2 turnovers and 2 fouls. I don’t get why he keeps getting time, he’s clearly over the hill now. On defense, he can’t keep up with any player (or team) that runs faster than a snail. Jerry… No Knees got 20 minutes. Booze got enough minutes to totally suck. Flop got 11 minutes. You only give 14 seconds to CJ? Brewer was 6-10 from the field in under 24 minutes. Why not play him more? Why not bench Booze and play ‘Sap (7-13, 10 boards, 17 points) more? Seriously! He was the only player to get more than 5 boards. Why not retire?

Deron had a bad first half, and then exploded in the 2nd half. Unfortunately, with Booze still playing like crap, it wasn’t enough for the Jazz, and they ended up falling by 10. Surprisingly, there is only 1 day off between these 2 games (games 2 and 3), even with the travel required. Why not give us 2 days here instead? Anyhow, the Jazz need to win 4 of the next 5 games (3 of the games are at home) to advance on. It’s still possible (because “nothing is impossible”), but it looks about as likely as the chance that J-Slo stops playing No Knees so much. In other words, highly doubtful. I still hope, yes. But I’m not expecting any miracles from this team. Especially not with Booze revisiting the days when we had Mikki Moore & Tom Gugliotta playing the 4-spot. And that statement might be an insult to those 2 players.

So yeah… Game 3 is Friday night at 7 PM at the ESA. The Jazz have been in a 2-0 hole recently (against the Rockets last year) and come back to win… but those Rockets aren’t these Lakers. First, the refs love Kobe. Second, the NBA head-honchos love Kobe & a potential Lakers/Celtics Finals. Third, the Rockets didn’t acquire a star player for pennies on the dollar. It might not have even been pennies. Penny is more like it. And fourth, this year’s Jazz team doesn’t have the same Boozer.

SLC Dunk recap
Jazz Hype has an idea… I’m all for trading No Knees; I’m still hoping Booze shows up though.
Siler’s recap… the Sloan quote completely forgets one thing… the disadvantage the Jazz have on the coaching end.

On, and off-topic, but just FYI… the Zohan commercial with the split screen of Adam Sandler & Baron Davis is awesome. Yeah… just throwing that out there.

2 responses to “If Only The First Quarter Didn’t Exist…

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  1. I recall reading a team preview of the Jazz at the beginning of the season, (I’m not sure if it was ESPN, SI, or another) and they had this gem about Harpring: [paraphrased] “The knee surgery won’t make his defensive speed suffer, as he is already far and away the slowest perimeter defender in the league and has been for some time.” As I read, I nodded in approval.

  2. That truly is a gem.
    And I agree completely.
    It hits the nail on the head.

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