Jazz Win Despite Refs Best Efforts   5 comments

Closet Jazz fan???

I’m really trying to avoid bringing the refs into this. I promise. But the game today was just plain and total crap.

I mean, I could go into many (good?) things…

  • Booze finally showed up. He got himself 20 & 20, and even shot above 50% from the field. He had a couple of huge shots late, before a Jazz time-out. After that, the Jazz didn’t go back to him until there were like 3 seconds left in the game.
  • Deron had 18 & 12. He had a couple of big shots late. He took a hard fall in the 2nd, and was icing his wrist whenever on the bench after that.
  • Okur was 4-7 from long range, and finished with 22 & 7. And he had a big shot late as well.

  • AK had 12 and played great defense on Kobe before fouling out. He also had a nice put-back at one point in the game.
  • No Knees got 12 as well, but was an absolute horror on D. And he had a horrible end to the 1st quarter. In other words, he still sucks. Why would you ever put him on Kobe? That’s like suicide. Except worse.
  • Brewer had 6, KoKo had 5 & ‘Sap had 2. CJ got another DNP because J-Slo would rather see No Knees constantly foul Kobe.
  • Kobe had 34 points, exploding in the 2nd half. He shot 17 FTs. And he was 0-6 from long range, including a couple of shots that seemed oddly familiar to T-Mac’s shots from the 4th quarter in the first round.
  • Four other Lakers hit double-digits, and 2 more got 8 apiece. No one else scored for the team.
  • There didn’t seem to be any booing of Fisher… either the person (good) or the Laker (bad… how can you cheer for an opponent when he drains a trey in a close game?). Of course, there were probably some idiots in the stands, but I didn’t catch anything much.
  • Did Phil Jackson even think before dressing up before the game? I mean… what was going through his head? Look at how well his suit matches with the color of the crowd… of the opposing team! Hilarious.
  • The Jazz shot 50% from the field and 37.5% from long range to overcome the FT discrepancy that the refs gave them. And it was needed, given that the refs kept the Lakers in even though the Jazz shot better, had more boards, more assists and fewer turnovers. Ah… the advantage of having the refs on your side.

But the game can be better summed up by a picture. I am bad with (aka, I’ve never used) photoshop, so before you see the pic, you need to do something. Remember… the person in the picture isn’t Charles Barkley, it’s Kobe Bryant. Simple enough, right? Remember that though, otherwise the picture doesn’t work.

I mean, what’s the point of stating the good (arguably)? All that does is take away from the obvious bad… something that has really made the NBA a pain to watch. Even then though… it was nice to see Boozer play well. It was good to see the Jazz play nice D on Kobe… forcing him to get all his points with the help of the 3 blind zebras. Nice to see that Flop didn’t get 11 minutes this time around. And more.

The refs were just bad. I mean, horrible. Especially late, where pretty much everything but the totally obvious went the Lakers way. There was the hook by Kobe (pic here… scroll down to the only pic in the comments) that wasn’t called… even though Dick Bavetta was looking right at it. They had no troubles calling a tech on J-Slo when he complained though. And that’s just one of the many bad calls/missed calls. Plenty of bad calls… most favoring the Lakers. Oh, and all the people that say the Jazz get “all the calls at home”… the Jazz had 28 fouls, the Lakers 23; the Jazz had 28 FTs, the Lakers 37. And the Jazz weren’t exactly fouling to try and get the ball back at the end of the game. And it’s not like the Jazz settled for jumpers every possession either. They drove in plenty, but got no calls. The Lakers got calls everywhere. It’s total crap. In fact (from after game 2)… read this. (Hat tip to SLC Dunk) And the inconsistencies between the teams and in games has been horribly frustrating.

Remember… it’s Kobe in the picture, not Barkley. Kobe, not Barkley.

(Image comes from The Sports Hernia, via Google Image search)

5 responses to “Jazz Win Despite Refs Best Efforts

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  1. Because I was bored, I photoshopped (i.e., I used Microsoft Paint) a nice picture of Kobe in there. I’m not really sure how to email it to you, but I will leave you with this teaser: Kobe Bryant is wearing a darling little hat in it.

  2. Are you able to post it in the comments?
    If not, I’m sure I can figure out something else…

    Sounds exciting though.:)

  3. If there is a way to do it, I don’t know about it.

  4. Let’s see… if you upload it at some site, you can put a link here.

    Edit: I like it. Well done!

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