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From orange & purple to blue & orange

Not really Jazz related, but still worth mentioning. The off-season has started for 22 teams, and there is no better way to start (for some teams) than to bring in a new coach. And so it begins. The rumors have been flying, and now we have some news with it.

It started late yesterday, with the news that Rick Carlisle was taking over for Avery Johnson in Dallas. Mavs Moneyball has their take here. Carlisle didn’t coach last year, but most recently coached the Pacers (and the Pistons before that). Indy Cornrows doesn’t think that Jermaine O’Neal will follow him to Dallas. Which is good… that could be pain to play against (JON & Dirk the Jerk).

And now, Mike D’Antoni has decided to leave the Suns, signing a 4-year contract with the Knickerbockers of New York. He also had received interest from the Bulls. The commenter that posted the news at Posting & Toasting doesn’t like it very much. Bright Side of the Sun asks if Steve Nash is in denial… this was posted before the signing was announced. Blog a Bull has a Bulls-related update that mentions both Johnson & D’Antoni as targets. There are also targets mentioned that are still in the playoffs (all assistants)… no Phil Johnson though… why no love for a guy that would probably coach just like J-Slo, who is considered by some to be “Coach of the Year” material (bit off topic here, but whatever)?

Baron Davis might opt out.
Oklahoma City officials are threatening to sue ex-Sonics owner Howard Schultz if he reclaims the Sonics & doesn’t move them to OKC. God, this has gotten ugly. Well done, David Stern.
-The Nuggets will listen to offers for Hit-N-Run.

The offseason hasn’t completely started yet, but if this keeps up, the West could be a lot different next year.

Posted May 10, 2008 by S S in coaching changes, Jerry Sloan

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  1. It amazes me how the NBA has basically just been shuffling around the same 40 or so guys for the past 20 years to fill all its vacant coaching spots. Like you said (sarcastic or not), Phil Johnson could probably do a much better job for a burgeoning team than a decrepit Larry Brown after his 7th hip replacement and 3rd bladder surgery.

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