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Why not? A quick rundown of things going on in the NBA world right now (or at least a while ago). Or around the Jazz blogosphere. Whatever. It’s news for someone somewhere.

My Utah Jazz has a Deron Williams recap up. It’s a bit late (though not the 3 months he claims), but it’s all good. I will update my recap to include a link to it after I finish with this.

The NBA has decided to impose fines for flopping. Finally. You have to wonder how they’re going to impose it though. And how often a star is fined compared to some random scrub.

The exact details such as the amount and escalation process has not yet been determined.

Third Quarter Collapse nails it on the head though

I just wish they planned to punish teams in actual games.

The problem is that that would be even harder to pull off. Especially considering pretty much everyone flops now… how do you tell who was actually fouled?

The NBA has also announced that Brent Barry was in fact fouled on the last play. Good, because I’ve always thought that if a player jumps and lands on another, it should be a foul. Though if the offensive player jumps into the defender (as everyone does and many say Barry should’ve done), that should be an offensive foul or a no call. The argument out there that the call shouldn’t have been made because of the time left in the game is utter crap. Steve Luhm’s thoughts on it.

Personally, I think a foul is a foul is a foul, regardless of how much time is left on the clock or the score of the game.

This unwritten rule about officials not making calls in the final seconds of a game creates a huge credibility problem for the NBA because, when obvious fouls are not called, the officials are also deciding the game — just in a different way.

Agree completely. Not blowing the whistle simply because the “players should decide it” is crap, because you’re deciding the result either way.
Also on the mark… BBJ over at SLC Dunk.

The whole, “You can’t call that at the end of the game” defense is garbage. The other defense is that you can’t have refs deciding the outcomes of games. Really? The first 47 minutes is okay to be decided by refs but the last minute is somehow exempt?

That’s why games are 48 minutes. It’s absurd that the last minute is somehow different than the 8:00 mark in the third.Should we just declare the leader at the 1:00 mark the winner?

Yeah… it was a foul. Call it.
Oh, and True Hoop.

Laker Derek Fisher left his feet, and landed hard into Spur Brent Barry. The Spurs were down two and time was running out. That’s a foul in my pickup game. That’s a foul in high school. That’s a foul in college. And, at just about every moment of NBA basketball that I have ever seen except this one, that’s a foul in the NBA.

Oh, and the argument out there that the Spurs deserved it for past blah… that’s total bullshit. The game should be called as is, not based on whether or not the Spurs flopped 2 years ago.

While it will not change the outcome, the NBA acknowledged that Brent Barry was fouled by Derek Fisher on the last second three point attempt which would have awarded the Spurs three free throws while down two points in Game 4, the San Antonio Express-News is reporting.

It should’ve been 2 FTs, not 3 (I think the shot came after… so no continuation). But anyways, it’s kinda pointless for the NBA to come out and say this. Nothing comes from it (no FTs for him and potential OT, no reprimanding of the refs)… the NBA just looks even worse now (and that’s hard to pull off). Simple… Barry faked. The defender bit on it, and came down on Barry. Is that a foul? Yes. Is it deserving of 3 FTs (a foul on the shot)? No. But it’s a foul that has to be called, no matter how much time is left in the game or how many Lakers fans think the Spurs deserve it because Kobe didn’t shoot an FT last night. Whatever. It was a foul, call it. And he deserves 2 FTs because the Lakers were in the penalty.

I don’t really care of course. The NBA playoffs are already way down in my mind (the NBA in general is). I’d rather watch the Stanley Cup than the NBA Finals… and I couldn’t name 2 players on the 2 teams (combined) to save my life. But it’s better than the horrible officiating that’s setting up a pathetic Finals match-up just to please an idiot commissioner.

It seems like the Bulls have decided on a coach. Of course, given the fact they won the lottery, I’m sure many guys expressed interest, whether or not they had interest before (Avery Johnson anyone?). So why Doug Collins? You’ve got me…

Joey Dorsey, a college teammate of Derrick Rose, says he knows that the Bulls will pass on Rose to take Michael Beasley. Of course, the Bulls & Heat are both denying this.

Rasheed Wallace doesn’t like flopping. And rightfully so.

“You saw them calls,” Wallace said after the game. “The cats are flopping all over the floor, and they’re calling that (bleep). That (bleep) ain’t basketball out there. It’s all (bleeping) entertainment.”

Sadly ‘Sheed, that’s what the NBA has become. Just another form of entertainment for the rich bastards in Los Angeles & New England (this year).


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  1. The Stanley Cup? I don’t think the NBA finals are THAT bad yet. They do need to resolve the two problems you addressed: flopping and the refs “calling” or “not calling” the game. But the NBA finals are still not quite as painfully boring as Hockey. And they definitely wouldn’t be boring, even with all the flaws, if the Jazz were still in.

    Nichelle Carignan
  2. I’d definitely agree if the Jazz were still alive. I think.
    But truthfully, I have zero interest (it’d be lower if possible) in watching a Lakers-Celtics final (or either of the semi’s right now).
    On the other hand, I watched a bit of the NHL game yesterday.

    NHL 1, David Stern & his stupid dream 0

  3. And with the game today, my interest is totally gone.

    Go Pirates! (that’s right… the MLB is more fun than the NBA Finals-to-be… and my team sucks).

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