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Player: SG Ronnie Brewer
Regular Season Stats:


















Playoff Stats:


















The recap is below.

This time around, we look at the young SG that took over as starter in his 2nd season and surprised many with his play. The other recaps will be linked to at the end of the post as they are put up.

Go-To Moves… aka, the good(s) of the regular season.

Cut to the baseline.
Defenses seemed to loose track of Brewer early & often in games, letting him get free around the hoop quite often. He responded by getting a ton of lay-ups & dunks that really shot his FG% up because he rarely missed. His willingness to move without the ball contributed largely to this, especially as teams would go double Deron or Booze.

Pick your pocket.
While not the best in the league, Brewer’s play on defense was highly visible with the number of steals (& fast-break points) that he could get. He averaged 1.7 steals/game in the regular season, which is especially huge when you consider that a defender getting past him and into the paint all but guarantees him an easy shot and/or free throws.

Where are the minues?
Jerry Sloan refused to give Brewer many minutes though. Harpring, Korver (after the trade), Price, Giricek… even Miles… they all got time at the 2-guard spot. That limited Brewer’s minutes (especially after the Giricek trade, as Brewer struggled to get over 24 mpg after that). Of course, he’s the starter, so the offensive explosions by 2-guards get blamed on him, even when they’re going off on guys that can’t guard them. And then his minutes fell in the playoffs as J-Slo tried a different approach… putting Harpring & Korver on Kobe… an approach that failed miserably.

Shut Your Eyes… aka, the bad(s) of the regular season.

Jump shooting.
Occasionally, his shot would fall. Most of the time though, it didn’t. So he’d either miss, or pass up open shots. Having a guy that could drain the jumper would’ve been huge all season (especially in the playoffs), and the lack of this skill could be part of the reason that Brewer struggled to find minutes as J-Slo tried to fill the spot with a bunch of guys that could either play D or shoot… but not both (CJ can, but J-Slo’s too stupid to play him).

Playoff Calling Card… aka, what to recall about the playoffs.

Crowd raising jams!

When in need, find Brewer on the fast-break. The crowd will be right back in it.

Shoot it.
Kobe left him open. He didn’t shoot the jumper (see above). So he didn’t get more time, because it was too easy for the defense to leave him open and go double team Booze. He just needs to develop more confidence in his jumper (aka he needs to work on it more).

In The Future… aka, what awaits this off-season.

What happens now?
He’s under contract for a while. He’s the returning starter. The only question is… does the team try to add (via trade, FA or the draft) a guy that can play some D & make his jumpers, or do they stick with what they have… 1 defensive-minded cutter without a jump-shot, 1 long-range spot-shooter with no defensive skills at all, 1 close-to-retired wing with no ability to keep up with the other guy and no jumper (who, just FYI, has never been a 2-guard and never will be), & 1 FA with defensive ability/potential & a jumper)? That decision could determine Brewer’s future with the team. That, or he goes and improves his jumper, making the Jazz stick with him as the starter so that they don’t lose him.

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2 responses to “Season Recap: Ronnie Brewer

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  1. I LOVED Brewer’s improvement from his 1st season to his 2nd season, and he was my favorite player this year. (Second to D. Will) He still has a lot of work to do on his shot, but i noticed big improvement in his shot just from the regular season to the Playoffs. He knows he has a lot of work to do this summer as he did last, and I know he’ll get it done…. What is Sloan’s deal with Miles? Do you know what it is exactly that he doesn’t like? I am dying to see him get more playing time, and Sloan just won’t have it.

    nichelle carignan
  2. I have no idea why CJ doesn’t play.
    J-Slo supposedly had something against him for skipping the RMR last year, but that’s in the past. He needs to get over it.
    I guess he preferred playing Harpring and Giricek/Korver (and even Price) instead of CJ at the back-up 2 spot.

    As for Brewer… he just needs to get more confidence in his shot. There were times in the playoffs where Kobe would leave him open, but he’d still pass up the shot. He needs to work on his shot till he’s at the point where he’s able to make it and feel confident with every shot.

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