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So, I decided to come up with a list of potential draftees for the Jazz. It was actually fairly easy. I came up with a list of team needs (in no particular order)…

-defensive-minded C (because it doesn’t seem like Fesenko will be ready for major minutes next year)
-low-post playing PF (for when Booze reverts to play-off form)
-pass-first PG (3rd-string guy after Hart is booted)
-D-minded wing… jump-shooting helpful (because Harpring does neither)
-jump-shooting SG that can play D (Almond does one, Brewer the other, CJ both… and he never plays)

And then I went through the profiles at NBAdraft.net (all 60 currently in the mock, plus a couple other guys) and found players that fit in the one that fits their position. And while I like the idea of getting a defensive-minded C (the whole “hack anyone attacking the hoop” strategy of J-Slo is a total pain), I have found the guy I want the Jazz to draft. But this time, it’s not a guy that’ll go top 10 (a la Corey Brewer last year). Nope, instead it’s a guy that won’t really help the D, but will help enforce a different strategy… “do what you want, we’re gonna outscore you!” I much prefer that type of strategy… especially when the team can’t play D.

So… the list.

First round targets

  1. F Ryan Anderson, California
  2. C Robin Lopez, Stanford
  3. C Roy Hibbert, Georgetown
  4. C Kosta Koufos, Ohio State
  5. PF Jason Thompson, Rider

There aren’t very many suitable options in the 1st round… especially given that you probably won’t look for a 3rd-string PG or another wing in the 1st round. Oh, and I have a lot more about Ryan Anderson over here.

Second round targets

  1. G Kyle Weaver, Washington State
  2. SG Sonny Weems, Arkansas
  3. PG Goran Dragic, Slovenia
  4. PF DJ White, Indiana
  5. PG George Hill, IUPUI
  6. PG Drew Neitzel, Michigan State
  7. PF Josh Duncan, Xavier
  8. C Sasha Kaun, Kansas
  9. PG Brian Roberts, Dayton
  10. SG Bryce Taylor, Oregon
  11. SG Gary Forbes, Massachusetts
  12. SG Josh Carter, Texas A&M
  13. SF Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, UCLA
  14. PG Sean Singletary, Virginia
  15. PG Ronald Steele, Alabama
  16. C Longar Longar, Oklahoma
  17. SG Robert Vaden, UAB

Just FYI… Sonny Weems reminds me a bit of Ronnie Brewer (based on Weem’s video at NBAdraft.net), though I think his jumper’s a bit better. It comes to mind because they both played for Arkansas. And Ronald Steele is compared to Mo Williams, the ex-Jazzster. Both of these guys played at Alabama. Just saying.

Oh, and just FYI… Hornets247 is also high on Anderson (thankfully we pick before them)… and also has Jason Thompson up on their list. And their list of FAs for the Hornets has CJ Miles on the list at #7. Saying this…

CJ gets almost no minutes(8 a game), but in those minutes he has been surprising effective. His shooting is good, and he doesn’t seem very mistake prone. He’ll come pretty cheap, and I’d love the Hornets to throw a small contract his way and see if he can perform as well over more minutes.

Not sure about the mistake prone… but that’s probably affected by him trying too hard when on the court to show that he can actually play. That, or it just appears that he makes a ton of mistakes, because it’s the only explanation for why he gets less time than everyone else. Hopefully CJ doesn’t hit the FA market.

Anyhow, the draft… what are your thoughts? Does Anderson fit the team? I’d love to have him here, but I’m not sure he fits what the guys making decisions want. He’s got a highly rated post-game though (9 out of 10 bars on NBAdraft.net). And he can step out and hit the jumper too.

Come on Jazz brass… let’s go get Ryan Anderson.

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