Speights & Anderson Among 6 To Workout Sunday   1 comment

After the first workout period… one that featured many guys considered to be 2nd-rounders at best, tomorrow’s workout seems to have more 1st round potential. Oh, and me happy.

The six players are…

Speights has the potential to be a good shot blocker. Meaning that he isn’t fully there yet. He’s got great touch on hit shot close to the hoop, but his post game isn’t very good. He’s compared to Juwan Howard over at NBAdraft. He’s still young… he won’t turn 21 until after the draft.

Anderson… I’ve previously mentioned him here, and also looked at his scouting report here. Of course, is the team is looking for a big that can help out on the defensive end, I should stop hoping for this. He’s compared to Austin Croshere, and comes with a good post skills & the ability to drain the jumper. The question is… how important is the defense?

Steele is a PG (he, like Anderson & White, showed up on my draft list) from Alabama. He’s willing to distribute the ball first, which would be required of him here. And he compares to ex-Jazzster Mo Williams (also from Alabama, ironically enough). From NBAdraft.net’s profile (linked to above)…

Similar to former Alabama and current Milwaukee Bucks point guard Mo WIlliams, though not the quick penetrator, nor the shooter. But a better defender, passer, and more of a “natural PG”.

White is compared to Wayne Simien. He’s on the small side for a PF, and has injury concerns. Of course, size has never concerned the Jazz. He averaged 2.2 bpg during his freshman season. And he has a good post game too.

Thompson compares to Jason Smith, the first round pick of the Sixers (via Miami) last year. He’s a “quality defender”, but a sub-par post game. Played at a lower division, so no one is sure how the numbers will move over.

Mbemba is a 5’11 (or so) PG that is compared to Travis Best. He’s fast. He’s got good court vision, and would rather drive in than launch the jumper. He’s turnover-prone (too flashy), and tends to get into foul trouble.

Speights, White, Anderson & Thompson have all been mentioned in 1st round consideration… Mbemba & Steele are probably 2nd round PGs at best. Which just further goes to show what positions the Jazz are looking for in the 1st round (a big) and then in the 2nd round (a PG, a big).

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