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  • The Jazz won’t be having a draft party this year. That’s just stupid, and there’s two possible reasons.
    1. The Jazz are cutting it to save money. Stupid reason, in my opinion. But they’ve decided that not doing anything big that night will save them enough money to overcome the deficit they have every year. Which won’t happen, so it’s utter bullsh**.

    2. The Jazz are going to trade their first rounder… and maybe a 2nd-rounder (or both)… for future picks, so there is no reason to have the fans show up and get that news. It wouldn’t really draw out the cheers unless they were traded for a (semi-)big-name player and not a future pick. So better to cancel the party and not get booed at.

    Either way, it’s stupid. (HT: SLC Dunk)

  • Altitude, orange juice, Trent Plaisted & the Jazz draft workout. They clearly don’t go well together. Also, Plaisted’s strengths aren’t exactly encouraging.

    “My speed and athleticism,” he said. “At this stage, I can’t go out and be somebody I am not. I have to show my strengths and they are what they are,” he said.

    Great. Not offense. Or defense. Just speed & athleticism. Unfortunately, he’s not a point guard. We don’t need speedy & athletic big-men… we need ones that can dominate the post offensively and defensively.

  • A look at Siler’s thought of what the Jazz draft process will follow.

    1. Draft Roy Hibbert if available.
    2. Decide if another big man is worth filling the 15th roster spot.
    3. Decide if it’s worth drafting another young shooting guard/small forward.
    4. Europe time
    5. Trade the pick

    He goes into more detail… I don’t want to steal his entry though. My answer to all the “questions” is “sure… why not?”.

  • Previously, it was mentioned that the PG that the Jazz liked was Sean Singletary. But now there’s this from DraftExpress

    The Utah Jazz apparently fancy Goran Dragic as a potential backup for Deron Williams a few years down the road, and could take him with the #44 pick in the second round. Dragic has two more years remaining on his contract with Tau Vitoria (where he will return to this season after being on loan with Olimpja Lublijana), but has a buyout in his contract for one million Euros.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see them draft a foreign guy who they can stash. (NBAdraft.net profile here, and Draftexpress’s is here.) If not a draft-and-stash guy, I’d love to see someone like Kyle Weaver.

  • Not really draft related, but whatever. It’s Jazz related, and that’s enough.

    The Utah Jazz plan to extend the contract of point guard Deron Williams next month, according to The Deseret News.

    The extension is expected to be close to the league maximum.

    Close to the league maximum? I thought it was a guarantee that it would be…

More tomorrow?

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  1. I’ve wondered if giving someone like Deron his own dealership skirts the CBA. “Here’s close to the league minimum, but we’ll throw in this $10 million dollar dealership.” You’d think he’d let players drive around in any cars they wanted. Works for college recruits, right? Weird how they can get away with stuff like that but in the NBA they would get busted.

  2. Agreed. Maybe they have something like that in mind. Not a car dealership, but something to get him to the maximum while not impacting the salary cap…

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