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JR Giddens to Boston to end the first. Lots of names left. Done for now… need food.


The Detroit Pistons have verbally agreed to trade the draft rights to D.J. White to the Seattle SuperSonics for two of the Sonics’ second-round picks — the 32nd and 46th picks — according to a Pistons source.

DJ White to Detroit. Boston up.

Donte Greene to Memphis at 28. Detroit up… first round nearing the end.

Darrell Arthur to Portland. Memphis up.

George Hill to Spurs. The Lakers really like him. Portland up again.

Via RealGM…

There have been reports that Darrell Arthur has an undisclosed kidney ailment and Ric Bucher is reporting that it has hurt his stock value.

KOC keeps calling Koufos “the player we got”. Don’t you know his name?

Nicolas Batum to Houston. Spurs wanted him. Portland wanted Ibaka at #27. Stealing from others. Spurs up. They want out of the round now.

I’m liking the Koufos pick. Will help spread the floor for Booze inside.

Serge Ibaka to Seattle. How many unproven bigs do they need? Rockets up.

Koufos the pick! Like Okur, but younger. Will help spread the floor for Booze. Will they trade the pick though? I like the pick right now… but not sure if he fits in. Sonics up.

Courtney Lee to the Magic. No shocker there. Jazz up! Arthur, Koufos, Chalmers, CDR, Weaver, Donte Greene, Jordan… they’re all left.

Ryan Anderson to the Nets. Da** it. Today’s draft officially sucks for the Jazz. Come on KOC… trade with the Nets for Anderson. I’m sad. Magic up. Lee or CDR here? Or a big?

From RealGM…

Reports are surfacing that Portland will send Brandon Rush, Jarrett Jack and Josh McRoberts to Indiana for Jerryd Bayless and Ike Diogu.

Alexis Ajinca to Charlotte. 26 games, 5 ppg. First rounder? Whatever floats their boat. Nets have their 2nd pick now. Arthur?

Could the Hickson pick lead to the trading of Varejao? Varejao for Al Harrington has been mentioned recently.

JJ Hickson to the Cavs. I was thinking C, they went PF. Charlotte up. They already went PG… they need a C now. Jordan? Koufos?

Jazz pick coming up. Koufos left. Chalmers left. Arthur left. Lee left. CDR left. Jordan left.

JaVale McGee to Washington. Is the pick for someone else though? Bullets Forever doesn’t like the pick. Cleveland up. Koufos?

Hibbert goes to the Pacers (via Toronto). Ouch. Washington up? (Did they trade it?) If they keep it, look for them to go big.

Marreese Speights to the Sixers. Good news for the Jazz. Toronto (Indiana?) up. I think the pick will end up being for the Pacers. A big here… Jordan or Hibbert or Koufos?

The Fan Sports (radio segment) reporting that Washington has traded down (or out of the 1st round). Salary cap reasons… to resign Arenas & Jamison. Nothing about that at Bullets Forever yet.

Robin Lopez to the Suns. A back-up to Shaq. Nice pick. Sixers up. Randolph? Arthur? Speights?

Trade? Bayless & Jarrett Jack for Rush & Ike Diogu?

Anthony Randolph for Golden State. Don’t the Warriors need D help? Suns up. Rush is gone. Chalmers here? Or Robin Lopez?

Nope… Brandon Rush to Portland. Is this for a trade (Phoenix for Barbosa)? Or are they adding another wing? Warriors up. Hibbert? Arthur? Randolph? Lopez?

Chad Ford talk at ESPN… go read the Pacers pick. Bayless to the Blazers for #13 and Jarrett Jack. In that case a big.

Wow! Jason Thompson to the Kings. I was thinking Thompson to GS. Portland up. Trade? Or a Euro guy? A big? Reach for Chalmers?

Wow. Bayless to Indiana. They have Ford & Tinsley already. Kings up. No PG, unless they reach for Chalmers. Arthur? Hibbert? Ajinca?

Brook Lopez to New Jersey. Indiana up. They need a big with the O’Neal trade. Arthur? Hibbert? Robin Lopez? Or do they take Bayless, who’s falling big now.

DJ Augustin to the Bobcats. The bigs are falling. Nets up. I think the Jazz seriously have to consider trading up a bit for Brook Lopez if he falls past the Nets. I don’t think he will though.

Joe Alexander to the Bucks. They liked him, yes. But they just traded for Jefferson. Too many wings now. Bobcats up now. Bayless? Augustin? Brook Lopez? Randolph?

Eric Gordon to the Clippers. Rumored most of today. They need a PG though. Milwaukee up. Alexander had been rumored, but then the Jefferson trade happened. Still look there? Or Augustin or Bayless at the point? Or Brook Lopez at the 4?

Danilo Gallinari to the Knicks. Expected. Clippers up. Gordon? Bayless? Augustin? Lopez as a surprise pick? Bayless and then a trade with Miami?

Kevin Love to the Grizzlies. Knicks up. Gallinari? Gordon? Bayless? Augustin?

Andy Katz is reporting that the Clippers were only interested in trading up to the fourth slot only if O.J. Mayo would have been available.

That wasn’t going to happen… we all knew that.
(via RealGM)

And the Sonics add Westbrook. Wow. Reach? Overrated. He came out of nowhere as of late. Memphis up. Love? Gordon? Gallinari? Lopez?

Kyle Weaver would be cool too. And Donte’ Greene, but The Fan Sports has this bit…

Donta Greene, young athlete from Syracuse but one scout tells me he is not better than CJ Miles.

OJ Mayo to the Wolves. Seattle up. Bayless? The new hot picks here are Westbrook and Brook Lopez.

I think CDR would be an awesome pick at #23.

Barring a trade now, Booze probably doesn’t go to Miami next year. But a trade could very easily still be in the works.

Nope. Beasley to Miami. Minnesota up now. Mayo?

I hope the Heat take Mayo. Just to mess things up a little.

And there it is. Rose to the Bulls. Heat up. Mayo or Beasley?

Stern needs to shut up. Bulls on the clock.

According to ESPN, the Knicks now believe that the player they covet will be available when they select at 6, so they are no longer looking to trade.

(via RealGM)

The Cavs might be looking at JJ Hickson.

Well… time to get started. Report from ESPN is that Derrick Rose will be the pick for Chicago.

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2 responses to “Draft Day!

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  1. If I were Utah, I would’ve gone with Arthur. But Koufos could theoretically develop into their starting center in a few years, especially with the threat of Boozer leaving. But a good pick nonetheless.

  2. The problems with Arthur…
    1- He plays the same position as Booze & ‘Sap, so he wouldn’t get much time for a very long time.
    2- He only got like 4 rpg and very rarely got to the line… not good signs.

    I think getting Koufos gives the Jazz another guy to spread the floor… which is a very good thing if you want Booze to work in the paint inside. It’ll keep the double teams from coming as often…

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