Dee Brown… Piston?   5 comments

Well, this is unfortunate.

Dee Brown will reportedly join the summer roster of the Pistons, according to The Detroit Free Press.

Now, I really wish the best of luck to Shorty. But this counts as “unfortunate” because I would much rather have him playing on the Jazz as the 3rd PG than seeing him with the same position on another team. Eh well… I guess if J-Slow & KOC would rather have Jason Hart on the roster, we’re going to have to live with it.

Posted June 29, 2008 by S S in Dee Brown, Jason Hart, Jerry Sloan, Rumors, Summer league

5 responses to “Dee Brown… Piston?

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  1. you said it. (sigh).

  2. I’d rather have John Crotty than Jason Hart.

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  4. He deserves to be in the NBA. I don’t care what team he’s on, he’s an NBA caliber player who got the shaft from the team who drafted him. The Jazz still own his rights, by the way.

  5. Agreed, darkcoupon. As for the owning his rights… that’s news to me.
    That’s good though… we need to go get him back.

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