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Jazz Match Offer To Miles   9 comments

Well, the Jazz decided to match the offer that CJ Miles had gotten from the OKC whatevers. So CJ is still on the Jazz. I’m excited, but confused. He’s spent most of last year in J-Slow’s doghouse for skipping the RMR… and then skipped it again this year. Plus the team has a couple of young wings, a SF that J-Slow loves playing at the 2-guard spot, and a SF that is done but still plays… way too much.

Could this matching suggest a up-coming trade? The Jazz have 15 players under contract now… KOC doesn’t like that. The team has a ton of wings (Brewer, CJ, Almond, AK, Korver, No Knees)… could someone (AK & No Knees each have big contracts) be on the move? If not… CJ could be getting a ton of money to sit on the bench.

I like CJ… I think he has the “potential” (yes, that hated word) to be good. But only if he plays… something that doesn’t happen here (does J-Slow not get that it takes high schoolers a big longer to develop than college seniors?). If J-Slow doesn’t get that and there isn’t a trade… this move is bad for both sides. CJ’s potential and all get wasted at the end of the bench, and the Jazz just put 3 years & $11 million (at least) into a 12th-man.

So we better be seeing a trade or something, or this could end up looking very stupid… very soon.


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Hart-less!   Leave a comment

It’s been called for by many people (including me here in pretty much every post). And finally, it’s done. Jason Hart has been traded!!!! He goes to the Clippers for Brevin Knight.

Not much else to say right now. This could potentially impact Ronnie Price’s minutes next season (if J-Slow prefers the vet as his back-up PG), and all but rules out any chance of Kevin Kruger or Tyrone Brazelton (amazing RMR, especially last night) joining the team (unfortunately). To imagine, if the team had worked faster, Shorty might still be on the Jazz.

Well, that’s one guy gone. Just 2 more to go.

I really don’t have much else to say.
ClipsNation on the trade
SLC Dunk on the trade
FLA is back, and has something on the trade as well

I guess something about Knight… he’s not much of a 3-point shooter, but he’s alright passing the ball. Which is all the Jazz will need him to do, of course. Find the open guy. The team has scorers, Brevin doesn’t need to be one of them. Of course, before any of this matters, he has to be getting time. Will he be?

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RMR Day 1 Thoughts   2 comments

  • Missed the Hawks-Mavs game (didn’t know they have a “watch live” option on the website). Oops. It seems like it was a good game too.
  • “Watched” most of the Jazz-Spurs game. Watched in the sense that it was on the TV (yay for KJZZ). I really only had the TV on for the 1st 3 quarters. And my time was spent more following the Pirates game online and hating on the Jazz brass for the CJ Miles era (which is probably over now). Because, you know… the NBA is turning to crap.
  • The officials are horrible. They seem to have this idea that the more often you blow your whistles, the more likely you are to make it to the NBA. I mean, if they had had their way, everyone would’ve fouled out in the first quarter. Including the fans & coaches. Now we know why they have a higher limit on the number of fouls you can commit. It’s a fu**ing summer league game. Let them play. God, you can’t even watch this stuff. Watching paint dry has got to be more exciting.
  • The Jazz were horrific (save the 2nd quarter… where they only seemed good because the Spurs were worse). I don’t have exact numbers (the box-score PDF for the game has some error… fix it!), but the recap states that the Jazz shot 29.8% from the field. Ouch.
  • These guys would be great on the Jazz. I mean, they follow J-Slow’s defensive idea so well. You know, the “leave the middle open, and if someone drives in, foul them” scheme that has made Booze so popular with Jazz fans.
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CJ Miles Has An Offer Sheet   Leave a comment

The Oklahoma City Whatevers have decided to give CJ Miles a 4-year contract offer for $15 million. I guess not playing summer league ball doesn’t matter. The Jazz now have 7 days to decide whether they’re going to match or not.

He’s got the potential. He’s flashed it at times as well. But he also has refused (for the past 2 years) to play in the summer league, putting him on J-Slow’s bad-side.

Deron says…

“I want him back here in the baddest way. I think he can be a great player for us if he gets the opportunity. I don’t think he’s ever been really given an opportunity to come in and prove himself.”

And to note…

The offer to Miles is guaranteed for three years with a fourth-year team option. It is said to dwarf previous multiyear contracts the Jazz had talked about with Miles, believed to be worth no more than $4 million for two years.
Jazz general manager Kevin O’Connor said, “If he does get an offer sheet, we’ll look at what the numbers are and we’ll make some determination.” O’Connor added: “There’s very few restricted free agents who have signed yet. They are the last ones to sign.”

So… have we seen the last of CJ in the Jazz uniform? That answer will come in the next 7 days.

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RMR Players You Know… The Jazz   Leave a comment

We’re finally down to the last team in the RMR… our own Utah Jazz! There are quite a few names to recognize here… the rookies from last year, the rookie from this year, and a lot of guys that have been in camp with the Jazz before. Notable absences include CJ Miles and… well, that’s it really.
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Jazz, Williams Agree On Contract Extension   4 comments

Great news for all Jazz fans. The Jazz and Deron Williams have agreed to a contract extension. There will be a news conference tomorrow to announce it.
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RMR Players You Know… The Spurs   1 comment

Part 7 of 8, as we hit the San Antonio Spurs! Many people complain that the NBA team is slow and boring, but this isn’t that team. Unfortunately though, they don’t have as many names to recognize (unless you’re a Spurs fan) as the other teams. But that’s alright… there always has to be a team to root against, no? Why not pick the team running out a bunch of guys you’ve never heard of?
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