Kevin Kruger… Magic?   7 comments

It might not be as disappointing as this (and rightfully so… Kruger has never played for the Jazz), but it’s still a little disheartening. I mean… Kruger was down in Orem all year playing for the NBDL team. And now, he goes back to play in the summer league for Orlando… which he did last year & was the last cut in training camp.

And yet again, the Jazz brass elects to keep Jason Hart over someone else that easily fits the role of 3rd-string (at worst) PG… and fits it better (& at lower cost) than Hart. Plus… Kruger is a better shooter & a better passer. What more do you want in a J-Slow bench-warmer/back-up 2-guard? Ah… the stupidity of the “smart ones”. Refreshing at times, no?

Oh, and there’s free agency news… all over the web. And rumors plenty of them. Enjoy them… very few include the Jazz because we’re too busy finding ways to let Hart & No Knees & Flop blow games for us… and too busy finding ways to keep CJ on the bench all the time.

PS: Magic in the title doesn’t seem like the right word. “He’s a Magic.” It just doesn’t sound right. Kinda like Jazz, which is why I occasionally say type Jazz-ster. But Magic-ster doesn’t sound right either. Trickster? Help please.

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7 responses to “Kevin Kruger… Magic?

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  1. As every day passes I become more pissed about Jason Hart

    nichelle carignan
  2. I agree. And it really doesn’t seem like the team is going to do anything about it.

  3. Magician

  4. Ok…
    I feel kinda stupid now.:)

    Magician doesn’t make me think basketball though…

  5. of course that might also make people think of the Wizards…

  6. The Jazz didn’t exactly elect to keep Hart, he just used the player option on his contract because he knows he played terribly last and thats the only way he’s going to have a job this year. Nobody else wants him. The only way they’re going to get rid of Hart is to package him in a trade.

  7. I know. And it’s frustrating. We knew he was going to pick it up… I was just hoping the Jazz would find a deal to package him in. Doesn’t look too likely though.

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