DeSagana Diop… Off The List?   1 comment

Now this depends on there being a list, of course. We were given a list of potential FA targets by Ross Siler, but who knows who the Jazz are really interested in. Anyways, one of the names on that list was that of DeSagana Diop… the ex-Maverick big-man who was dealt to New Jersey this past season. If you wanted him to join the Jazz, I’m sorry, because it seems like he will be going back to Dallas.

He will reportedly receive the Mavericks’ full mid-level exception in a five-year deal.

Posted July 2, 2008 by S S in Draft

One response to “DeSagana Diop… Off The List?

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  1. I feel sorry for the UTAH JAZZ you missed out on THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND DESAGANA DIOP!!! basketball he’s better than shaq, amare, dwight, yao, kareem, russell, chamberlain combined. And KARL MALONE!!!

    Holden Caulfield

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