Dee Brown… Wizard.   2 comments

Well damn.

The Wizards (& their fans) and Jason Hart win… the Jazz (& their fans) lose. Thanks a lot LHM. “Oh my god, he might corrupt Deron.” Deron’s not 6-years old. He’s matured, he’s married. He knows what he’s doing in life. Picking Hart over Shorty for any reason (basketball or not) is plain stupid. Any owner/GM/coach with half a brain would admit their mistake and cut their losses now. But the Jazz don’t do that. Nope. They’d rather suffer their losses. Because they’re happy “coming close”. I mean… is winning it all even a goal for them? Because they’re not acting like it.
Best of luck to Dee. The NBA needs more guys like Dee (corrupting other players be damned… why aren’t the Wizards afraid of this?). I’ll miss watching the “One-man fastbreak”. Instead… we get the “One man horror show”. Fun fun fun.

Go Jazz?

Posted July 11, 2008 by S S in Dee Brown, Deron Williams, Jason Hart, Transaction

2 responses to “Dee Brown… Wizard.

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  1. Dee & DeShawn on the same team? Don’t forget about Arenas. I wonder if Larry will make Deron stay home on their away game against DC.

  2. More likely LHM will add a clause in Deron’s contract stating that Deron can’t meet Dee or DeShawn or head to DC or he’ll lose some money. Something like that.

    Because, you know… having unmarried friends leads to corruption of your life.

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