RMR Players You Know… The Hawks   3 comments

With the RMR just around the corner, it’s time to look at some of the players playing that you just might know the names of. (Note: That means I’m only listing players that I’ve heard of.) We’ll start with the first of the 8 teams (alphabetically)… the Atlanta Hawks!

Brian Chase: You just might remember him. He was “Shorty” before Dee Brown. (Shorty V.1.0, I called him.) He never did play a game for the Jazz, but he was on the squad for a bit. He was in the NBDL last year (Los Angeles, I think).
Speedy Claxton: He’s a veteran in the league (7 years now?), but he’s coming off of an injury or something. Maybe that was last year. No matter… the thing is that he’s still showing up. Unlike, oh… I don’t know… CJ Miles? Teams will be watching… who knows, maybe he bounces back and gets some time this year.
Al Horford: He was the #3 pick last year… and impressed big time. He’s not going to be playing though, I don’t think.
Luke Jackson: He’s bounced around the league the last couple of years, and even spent some time in the NBDL.
Othello Hunter: A rookie big-man from Ohio State. Yep, another one (with Koufos). I heard his name in a couple of 2-round mocks…
Jamal Sampson: Remember him? The Jazz drafted him in the 2nd round way back, and traded him on draft night for Curtis Borchardt. That trade worked out well…
Wayne Simien: A late 1st-round pick of the Heat a couple years back (I think). Might’ve been a 2nd-rounder… not certain. Meh… he hasn’t done much in the league so far.
Justin Williams: I hate him. Absolutely hate him. Why? I remember watching him kill the Utes (he played for Wyoming) my freshman season… and I still hate him for it. He surprised with the Kings his rookie season, and can rebound well. But his FT shooting makes Shaq look like the best ever.

One guy that’s missing is last year’s other first rounder… Acie Law IV. I’m not sure why… I’d think they’d let him come play a bit though. Whatever… they have the smart guys running the team. I’m just a college student that’s getting more and more frustrated with the NBA every single day. Anyhow… the Hawks had no draft picks this year, so that explains the lack of big-name rookies. Hoopinion has the summer league roster up, one that includes Acie Law… that might be more accurate than the one on the Jazz website. But who knows.

All the rosters can be found here (or at least the ones that have been put up). Up next… the Dallas Mavericks.

Posted July 13, 2008 by S S in Summer league

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