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Continuing the look at players that could be playing at the RMR that you might know (aka… I know) (the look at the Hawks is here), we move on to the 2nd of the 8 teams… the Dallas Mavericks! Like the Hawks, no first round pick to draw in a couple extra fans here and there. Not that it really matters… there’s plenty of guys you’ve (…I’ve…) heard of as it is.

Shan Foster: A rookie from Vanderbilt. He showed up in earlier mock drafts due to his shooting. Unfortunately, he surprised in a bad way… his shooting was horrible during workouts. Now he’s on the Mavericks.
Richie Frahm: He’s been in the league for a while. Oh, and he’s awesome in NBA 2K7. Yes, that’s where I know him from. A worthwhile FA addition in the game.
Gerald Green: He was the 18th pick in the 2005 draft, and won the 2007 Slam Dunk Championship. If nothing else, maybe we’ll get to see some awesome dunks at the RMR.
Keith McLeod: Remember him? He was a PG on the Jazz a couple years back. A serviceable back-up (even starter because there was no better option) in 2004 that was (unfortunately for us) getting starting time over Deron in 2005.
James Singleton: Another ex-Clipper, I think. Name seems familiar.
Pape Sow: He’s the tallest guy on their roster at 6’10. Another NBA 2K7 story here… early in the first season the first time I played the game, the Wizards traded him to the Bobcats for a 1st round pick. Seriously.
Reyshawn Terry: Played for UNC. I have nothing else…
Marcus Slaughter: Played for San Diego State… so I saw a bit of him here and there.
Derrick Low: A rookie guard from Washington State. I wouldn’t have minded the Jazz adding him as a 3rd PG. Of course… that statement holds true for pretty much every player in the NBA.

Yaroslav Korolev has now been taken off the roster (he’ll be on the Jazz squad), which is unfortunate. It would’ve been great to see the Jazz & Mavs playing 4 on 4, with Korolev being the designated “offense-only” guy that just goes and stands in the corner (switching sides as the ball changes hands)… not being able to move after he catches the ball. Kinda like the role the 5th player has (full-time QB) when you’re playing catch and have 5 guys (2 WRs, 2 defenders, 1 leftover).

The Mavs are currently playing at the Las Vegas summer league… Mavs Moneyball has all the Mavericks summer league talk.

Up next… the NBA D-League “Ambassadors”. Let’s be honest… I’ve heard of like 2 of the guys. The next entry will be kinda short.

Posted July 14, 2008 by S S in Summer league

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