RMR Players You Know… The Ambassadors   1 comment

Time for part 3 of the set (Part 1 here, Part 2 here). Up this time… the D-League Ambassadors! This is only slightly confusing… shouldn’t the best NBDL players be in a NBA camp right now? I guess it’s the best of the rest… there aren’t many known guys here.

Carl Elliott: No idea why I recognize his name, but he played his college ball at George Washington and spent last year with Sioux Falls of the D-League.
James Lang: He spent last year with the Flash, which is why I recognize the name. Any normal NBA fan (that didn’t watch the NBDL) probably doesn’t know much about him… if anything at all.
Scooter McFadgon: Nope, I’ve never heard of him. But he’s got the name Scooter. You can’t beat that. It’ll be even better if he’s any good.

Sorry, it’s a bit short. But I didn’t give much attention to the NBDL last year, and it’s a smaller squad than the others. All the rosters are here.

Up next… the Golden State Warriors. A couple more players on that list.

Posted July 15, 2008 by S S in Summer league

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