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Part 4 of the series. Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 are linked to there. This time around, we look at the Golden State Warriors, a team with quite a few guys to know & keep an eye on. Included are an ex-Jazzster, a guy with the same first “name” as a current(?) Jazz-ster, a summer league phenom (or 2) and a guy from a love-it/hate-it college.

Louis Amundson: Remember him? He spent some time with the Jazz (not much) before heading over to the City of Brotherly Love to the play for the Sixers. Now, he’s looking for a contract with the Warriors. And playing too… unlike CJ, who’s looking for a contract while not playing. Fans liked Amundson… so obviously he rarely played.
Marco Belinelli: A rookie last year, Belinelli was really impressive in summer league play, getting everyone excited. And then he barely played during the regular season. That’s life for a rookie. What’s really surprising is that it happened on a run-and-shoot team he seems to fit… not a J-Slow coached team where he would be discriminated against because of age or something. By the way, discrimination of any sort is bad. They told me in the mandatory “sexual harassment meeting” I had to attend today. Get that, J-Slow?
Richard Hendrix: Could he be the next Paul Millsap (aka, a 2nd-rounder that can pull in the boards)? I’m sure the Warriors wouldn’t mind… they could use some rebounding help.
DeMarcus Nelson: Ugh… he went to Duke. Anyhow, he’s a rookie that I seem to recall reading about. Something about being a 2-guard without the size but with a nice touch (maybe). Get rid of the touch, and he’d fit right in in Utah.
Anthony Randolph: A first round pick this year. He was considered a top-5 pick at some point in the process, but eventually fell to the last pick in the lottery… partially due to the boom-or-bust (and nothing in between) potential he has. He did go off for 30 in his first summer league game though. The next Marco Belinelli?
Tamar Slay: Remember when I mentioned Richie Frahm with the Dallas squad, and how he was amazing in NBA 2K7? Well yeah… Slay’s not. Of course, 2K7 was a couple years back… things have changed. Maybe.
CJ Watson: Look, it’s a CJ at the RMR. Wrong CJ though… this one’s a 1-year pro from Tennessee.
Brandan Wright: The lottery pick of the Bobcats last year, he headed to GS in the Jason Richardson deal. He didn’t get as much time as he would’ve liked last year… this is his shot to prove he deserves consideration for some time. Something the CJ Miles is missing out on.

For all your Warriors talk, head over to Golden State of Mind. Remember though… they hate the Jazz (& their fans). But this is the summer league, right? So we can all buddy up and talk about how Amundson looks kinda awkward or how the tallest guys on their summer squad are two 6’10” 3/4 combos (Randolph, Wright)… right?

Maybe not. Anyhow, that’s the 4th of the 8 squads that’ll show up at this year’s RMR. Up next… the Iranian National Team. Quick note… I’ve never heard of any of the guys. Maybe I’ll just go through and post all the players or something, just so that I don’t ignore them. Because that would be mean.

Posted July 15, 2008 by S S in Summer league

3 responses to “RMR Players You Know… The Warriors

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  2. Oh man, I hated Amundson when he was with UNLV. He used to shave his head and he was a total goon. He was totally going for the nazi look. I hope Golden State keeps him so he can guard Millsap three times a year.

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