Jazz, Williams Agree On Contract Extension   4 comments

Great news for all Jazz fans. The Jazz and Deron Williams have agreed to a contract extension. There will be a news conference tomorrow to announce it.

“There’s going to be a great announcement tomorrow afternoon in Salt Lake City,” said Williams’ agent, Bob McClaren, from his Houston office. “One that will make everyone happy, I think.”

Everyone happy, eh? That all but rules out a 3-year deal. So we’re looking at 4 or 5 years. Not bad. He’ll be max money. AK’s already there. Booze will be close (if he sticks around). Okur’s going to want a raise as well. Someone’s going to have to go.

But that’s all irrelevant right now. Deron is a Jazz-ster for years to come! Celebrate! But don’t party too hard… the RMR starts tomorrow and I still have to get a piece up on the Jazz players you’ll recognize.

Posted July 17, 2008 by S S in contract extension, Deron Williams

4 responses to “Jazz, Williams Agree On Contract Extension

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  1. And they agreed to some hair extensions….

  2. Resigning Derron Williams was the best thing the Jazz ever did in the last several years. He is the best point guard in the League. Better than CP3 because he plays better defense. I like him a lot. I cannot find one knock on Williams. Great mid range, 3 point shooter, gets to the rim, distributes, rebounds…what more can you possibly ask for in a point guard??


  3. A Championship!

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