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Part 7 of 8, as we hit the San Antonio Spurs! Many people complain that the NBA team is slow and boring, but this isn’t that team. Unfortunately though, they don’t have as many names to recognize (unless you’re a Spurs fan) as the other teams. But that’s alright… there always has to be a team to root against, no? Why not pick the team running out a bunch of guys you’ve never heard of?

Michael Cuffee: He played for the Flash last year, and is now playing for the Spurs summer league team. Almost as big a defection as Fish to the Kobes or Malone to the Kobes. Almost.
James Gist: Some people considered this rookie as a potential target for the Jazz in the 2nd round, completely forgetting that the Jazz have a full roster and won’t get rid of players because of “loyalty”. Gist is now trying out for the Spurs. Which scenario is better?
Malik Hairston: Oregon! Go Ducks! I really don’t have much else to say.
George Hill: A rookie PG who could’ve been an effective 3rd PG for the Jazz, and who the Kobes supposedly liked before the Spurs stole him. Way to go Spurs! If he’s any good, the team just got a good back-up to Mr. Longoria. Not fair.
Ian Mahinmi: A guy the Spurs stash overseas for a couple of years and then bring over. Kinda like Luis Scola (who they traded to the Rockets last year). This tends to work out well for them.
Daniel Ruffin: He’s a rookie from Bradley that I’ve never heard of. What’s notable is that he’s now the shortest player in the RMR (save the Iranian squad), tied with Brian Chase of the Hawks.
Jamaal Tatum: He played college ball for Southern Illinois. I really wanted the Flash to draft him last year in the first round, but he went too high the Flash took Kevin Kruger (not a bad thing, by the way). Maybe the Jazz’ll pounce on Tatum this year… nah, scratch that. The Jazz brass is too busy picking their nose to do anything.

Spurs blog Pounding The Rock has some summer league stuff up… mostly on the sidebar. I guess one could argue that the roster is kinda boring… somewhat like the team. But if that’s true, one has to wonder if they’ll be as good (relatively). Because that would suck. No one wants to watch the group of late 1st-rounders (at best) beat all the top picks and all.

Up next, our Utah Jazz. I can’t wait (!)… can you?

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