RMR Day 1 Thoughts   2 comments

  • Missed the Hawks-Mavs game (didn’t know they have a “watch live” option on the website). Oops. It seems like it was a good game too.
  • “Watched” most of the Jazz-Spurs game. Watched in the sense that it was on the TV (yay for KJZZ). I really only had the TV on for the 1st 3 quarters. And my time was spent more following the Pirates game online and hating on the Jazz brass for the CJ Miles era (which is probably over now). Because, you know… the NBA is turning to crap.
  • The officials are horrible. They seem to have this idea that the more often you blow your whistles, the more likely you are to make it to the NBA. I mean, if they had had their way, everyone would’ve fouled out in the first quarter. Including the fans & coaches. Now we know why they have a higher limit on the number of fouls you can commit. It’s a fu**ing summer league game. Let them play. God, you can’t even watch this stuff. Watching paint dry has got to be more exciting.
  • The Jazz were horrific (save the 2nd quarter… where they only seemed good because the Spurs were worse). I don’t have exact numbers (the box-score PDF for the game has some error… fix it!), but the recap states that the Jazz shot 29.8% from the field. Ouch.
  • These guys would be great on the Jazz. I mean, they follow J-Slow’s defensive idea so well. You know, the “leave the middle open, and if someone drives in, foul them” scheme that has made Booze so popular with Jazz fans.
  • Fesenko had 0 points and 7 turnovers. 7! Ouch. He also got poked in the eyes a couple of times… something that he’s got to get used to. It seems to happen every time he puts on a Jazz uniform. He did have 2 blocks.
  • Morris Almond was the only Jazz-ster in double-digits, getting 17 points (on 4-12 shooting).
  • Kosta Koufos finished with 5 points & 4 boards. He also had at least 1 block that I recall, but without the box-score, I can’t say anything else.
  • Britton Johnsen finished with 9 points. He was good from the line, and took a couple of semi-hard hits.
  • Overall, the Jazz played like crap. Not much else to say about them.
  • The Spurs were led by George Hill (6-14, 21 points). He was everywhere.
  • Even in the summer league, the Jazz can’t beat the Spurs. And this was almost as ugly as the regular season losses (especially the last one).
  • Deron was a guest on the TV broadcast, sitting there for the 1st half and discussing things like his contract, Kosta Koufos, the future here and why he only took a 3-year deal, etc. Up on Thursday… No Knees. Oh shit.
  • In the early game, the Hawks beat the Mavs 89-74 (much closer than the 82-57 “game” that followed).
  • The Mavs got 20 from Gerald Green (8-17) and 11 from Shan Foster. Richie Frahm had 7, Reyshawn Terry had 8, and Keith McLeod is no longer on their summer squad. 14 of Green’s points came in the 3rd quarter.
  • For the Hawks… Luke Jackson had 20 (5-7 from long range), Jeremy Richardson had 21 and Othello Hunter had 11. Acie Law had 6 while Speedy Claxton had 4 and 7 assists.
  • Just FYI… Ty Corbin was coaching the Jazz yesterday.

Yeah… it was ugly. The Jazz game, that is. Very ugly. And they play the Hawks tonight in the 3rd game (Iran/Dallas first, San Antonio/Ambassadors after that). Early thoughts… it’s not going to be pretty. Maybe they’ll be able to make a shot now. And maybe the Jazz will be able to get a box-score up for the game… though I wouldn’t count on it. It is the Jazz, after all. Tonight’s game is also scheduled for 7 PM, and will be on KJZZ & 1320 KFAN. And available online, I guess.

2 responses to “RMR Day 1 Thoughts

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  1. Watching these games online is truly painful. I can only make it through about three minutes. but those three minutes were enough to convince me that no one in a Jazz RMR jersey will be making significant contributions in a real Jazz jersey.

    At least I hope not.

  2. Agreed. I’ve only seen bits & pieces since the first game.
    Ty Brazelton looked good last night though. And Jaycee Carroll, but he’s on the wrong team.

    Almond’s a bit worrisome though… he’s scoring, but missing a ton of shots.
    I don’t know if he gets as many FTs in the regular season as he’s getting right now.

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