Jazz Match Offer To Miles   9 comments

Well, the Jazz decided to match the offer that CJ Miles had gotten from the OKC whatevers. So CJ is still on the Jazz. I’m excited, but confused. He’s spent most of last year in J-Slow’s doghouse for skipping the RMR… and then skipped it again this year. Plus the team has a couple of young wings, a SF that J-Slow loves playing at the 2-guard spot, and a SF that is done but still plays… way too much.

Could this matching suggest a up-coming trade? The Jazz have 15 players under contract now… KOC doesn’t like that. The team has a ton of wings (Brewer, CJ, Almond, AK, Korver, No Knees)… could someone (AK & No Knees each have big contracts) be on the move? If not… CJ could be getting a ton of money to sit on the bench.

I like CJ… I think he has the “potential” (yes, that hated word) to be good. But only if he plays… something that doesn’t happen here (does J-Slow not get that it takes high schoolers a big longer to develop than college seniors?). If J-Slow doesn’t get that and there isn’t a trade… this move is bad for both sides. CJ’s potential and all get wasted at the end of the bench, and the Jazz just put 3 years & $11 million (at least) into a 12th-man.

So we better be seeing a trade or something, or this could end up looking very stupid… very soon.


Posted July 25, 2008 by S S in CJ Miles

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  1. There’s no way we keep 6 2/3s on the roster. Iggy, Okafur and Josh Smith are all available. There’s got to be something in the works. I refuse to believe that the Jazz brass are comfortable with our roster the way it is.

  2. I’m not comfortable with the way the roster is. As for the Jazz brass… who knows? If all the guys “fit” into J-Slow’s system (or his doghouse), they might not do anything else… which would be highly stupid. This team (as currently composed) is not going to win it all (unless all the other teams in the West just fall apart this season).

  3. Did Deron pressure the Jazz to match OKC’s offer? link

  4. Bottom of the 6th and the Cubs look lifeless…WTF?

  5. I know. Amazing, isn’t it?!!!
    What a win! The Pirates bring in 3 new starters (including the starting pitcher), and shut-out the Cubs!

  6. the 4-game sweep of the Beer Makers must have been enough for them, no need to keep focus or anything

  7. Meh, they won again yesterday. I think it was just a 1-day thing. You know “let the Pirates feel good, they’re going to suck for the rest of the season anyways” type thing…

  8. One swing of the bat changes ALL the momentum…

  9. Momentum also swings when the Pirates pull a pitcher after he walks 1 batter and put in Sean Burnett.

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