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As usual, I’m kinda late with this. SLC Dunk and Scrum over at True Blue Jazz (note the name change, and the new contributor) have already commented on it. Oh… so has Siler. But I might as well throw in my 2 cents as I try to get out of this non-posting lull.

Early thoughts…

  • As the guys over at the Trib have been all over… J-Slow’s 20th anniversary mark as a coach of the Jazz will take place December 9th… in Minnestoa.
  • Meanwhile, J-Slow (currently at 995 wins with the Jazz) is 5 wins away from 1000… something no coach has ever done with 1 team. Unfortunately for him, unless the Jazz win 5 straight games to open the season (DEN, LAC, @ LAC, POR, OKC), this milestone will also come on the road (the next 5 games are on the road).
  • Remember the great _enver Nuggets thing? Yeah… those Nuggets are the Jazz-sters opening night opponent at the ESA. With a couple changes. One, the one guy that played D (Marcus Camby) was traded to the Clippers for a hot-dog bun. Second, Eduardo Najera is a Net. And third… Hit-N-Run will be out due to a league-handed down suspension (DUI or something).
  • The home-and-home with the Clippers as the 2nd & 3rd games of the season… welcome back, Jason Hart. I think the Jazz had a home-and-home with them last year too (though later in the season)… the Jazz won both of them, if I recall correctly.
  • The Jazz have 3 different stretches of 5 straight on the road (November, December & March)… all against the Eastern Conference. That’s right… each of those trips knocks out 1/3 of the road contests against the EC teams. I wonder how many other teams have that type of set-up in their schedule.
  • The Jazz one 5 games at home stretch (February)… featuring teams going from good (NO, BOS) to Kobe (LAL) to good? (ATL) to bad (MEM).
  • The last game of 2008 is at home against Philly (December 29), while the first game of 2009 is on January 2 (@ LAL).
  • The Jazz only play the Hornets, Spurs & Lakers 3 times each… the Hornets twice at home, the other 2 twice on the road.
  • February seems to be the easiest month… 8 games at home, 3 on the road.
  • The pre-Christmas road trip… BOS, NJ, DET, CHI, MIL. How well do the Jazz do?
  • Quite a few TNT/ESPN games. I’d prefer ABC, because then I could actually watch them. Instead, that’ll be a list of games I can’t watch. For some reason though, Washington & Toronto are never on KJZZ anyways. Stupid.
  • The season ends pretty touch… after a @ DEN, MIN, @ NO, @ DAL stretch, the team finishes with 4 games in 5 days (they have a couple of stretches like that)… @ SA, GS, LAC, @ LAL. Yep… ending against the Lakers. David Stern and the league pretty much just gave the Jazz the bird.

Random dates…
10/29… Season opener, hosting Denver (without Camby & Hit-N-Run)
11/1 – 11/3… The Jason Hart affair reaches a climax with a home-and-home that’ll have the entire world tuning in
11/7… First game against Oklahoma City.
11/12… @ Washington… Revisiting Shorty (3/21 at the ESA). I wonder if they remember CJ Miles.
11/21… First game at San Antonio (the other is 4/10). Can the Jazz finally win there?
12/27… @ Houston… The first meeting between the teams of the season (1/21 @ Houston, 3/4 & 3/24 at the ESA)
1/2… Opening the new year in Los Angeles against the Kobes.
1/14… First visit to OKC. I expect the players to come back raving about all the awesome things to do in OKC.

Full schedule here. We’ll see. Can the Jazz break 55 wins? Will they rise high above, or fall below?

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2 responses to “2008-09 Schedule Out

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  1. I hope this post wasn’t entirely due to peer pressure:)

    thanks for the mention as well!

  2. Nah… not peer pressure. I’d been away too long here (mostly Pirates stuff right now), so I had to get something up. And this gave me something to write about.

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