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Over at SLC Dunk, member clarkpojo (and also MTN and DaniellelovesKK) has been forming a list of 7 reasons for something Jazz related. Why 7, you ask? Simple… because it’s hard to come up with pi reasons. Try it… you’ll probably end up stumped after the 3rd reason. Anyhow, the subjects of the lists (and my quick thoughts) below.

Seven reasons the Jazz will win it all this year. I like. Unfortunately, it’ll take a lot of things… like everything going the Jazz way, and Booze playing D, and some defensive presence in the post, and no Stern-ref bias, etc.

Seven reasons the Jazz won’t win it all. Sadly, this seems more likely. It’s highly doubtful that every team got worse (or stayed the same) while the Jazz improved drastically. Especially when you look at the respective moves each team made.

Seven reasons the Jazz should make a trade. I get mentioned here, which makes it an even better list. And, as is brought up… the other teams have improved (at least on paper). Even if you’re not making moves to leap them… you have to keep up.

Seven hottest current Jazz players. I’ll admit, I’m not much of an expert here. Sorry to say, but I think Danielle cheated with the 7th listing. A list of 7 should have 7, no? Great job none-the-less.

Seven reasons to keep Boozer. Add another reason… he’s the only low-post option on the team. A brilliant list though… especially considering all the “trade him before he leaves” sentiments out there. It’s simple really… you only trade him if you get an outstanding offer (or if he asks for one because of his son’s health). You don’t trade just to trade… that’s how you ruin a team.

Seven reasons to trade Boozer. The biggest reasons? First, you get something for him (but that’s not a good reason to trade him). And second… AK gets to move back to his natural spot (the 4), where I think he’s a much better fit. Of course, this leaves the Jazz without an inside presence offensively. Can they compensate? I don’t know… you tell me.

Seven ways to “relieve the roster” of Collins. Hilarious. Love numbers 3 & 4. Sadly, just plain out “trade him for a rock” doesn’t make the list.

Of course, winning it all (the point of the season) will be tough. As mentioned above, questions about Booze, the lack of improvement (while others improve), the refs & David Stern, the lack of a defensive presence in the middle, etc… all of it adds up to the Jazz needing a lot of luck. Because in the playoffs… those who really want it show up. Of course, teams that can make amazing trades tend to show up as well (amazing is the Gasol rip-off, not the Jason Kidd disaster, just by-the-way).

Like when you can trade Starbury’s left shoe, the rights to David Lee’s nickname (if he doesn’t have one, then it’s the “future rights”) and an autographed copy of Isiah Thomas’ new book, GMing A NBA Team for Dummies, for Carlos Boozer.

Hopefully more Jazz talk coming soon.

Posted August 7, 2008 by S S in Off-season bantering

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