Who Starts If AK Doesn’t?   1 comment

Three men in a tub
And how do you think they got there?
The ex-Sixer, the first rounder, the high schooler,
They all came via the brain of Kevin O’Connor!
‘Twas enough to make a man stare.
(Thank you, Wikipedia)

As the season approaches, there has been a lot of talk about potentially bringing Andrei Kirilenko off of the bench. In his place, the Jazz have 3 options. Three players… 2 youngsters (CJ Miles, Morris Almond) and 1 relative newcomer (Kyle Korver). In this offseason’s revolving door that is the starting small forward spot, these 3 are fighting for that starting spot (assuming there is in fact a changing of the guard). So, which of them deserves it? Which doesn’t? (Don’t forget to vote in the poll at the end!)

Category Kyle Korver Morris Almond CJ Miles
Offense chucker, 42% for his career (40% from long) chucker, 27% for his “career” (25% from long) chucker, 42% for his career (32% from long)
“Defense” he runs around he doesn’t play any he has “potential”
Other stat-sheet visits FT%, steals DNP-CDs DNP-CDs, TOs (in a good way)
Scoring history If his long ball is falling, he could score a ton He scored a ton in college He probably scored a ton in high school
History of defense Pictures show him cowering away from the opponent J-Slow doesn’t think he’s very good His career highs in blocks (3) & steals (3) were set just 8 days apart
Memorable Jazz moment This shot in the playoffs Getting drafted The explosion against the Wizards
Forgetful Jazz moment Being shut down by Sasha Vujacic Being called out by J-Slow about everything Skipping the RMR 2 years ago
Reason to start Shooting threat early; draw those female fans in early? Injuries He’s getting paid, let’s see what he has
Reason not to start Scoring spark off of the bench; supposed lack of D Other options offer more Hasn’t shown anything in the time he’s had
Future with team Free agent after the year Team option to be decided on after the season Just received a new 4 year deal
Preseason Surprisingly efficient J-Slow is disappointed Disappointing
Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker Basket (“candlestick”) maker Butcher Baker (by default)
Question of the year Underrated defender? Or just bad? NBA or NBDL? Will he finally develop?

Posted October 17, 2008 by S S in CJ Miles, Kyle Korver, Morris Almond, Off-season bantering

One response to “Who Starts If AK Doesn’t?

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  1. excellent breakdown. particularly almond’s. nice poem too.

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