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Raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming. No Knees gets back from injury, and automatically starts stealing minute… even if the team was doing just fine without him! J-Slo continues to hate on his scapegoat for everything (CJ), and totally costs the Jazz in the end with his stupidity. If you did in fact raise your hand… WAKE UP!

Making it worse is that the Jazz should’ve had this, that they had a hot hand… one that ended up rotting away on the bench because J-Slo can’t stay away from his injured and struggling wings. Throw in the bad play at the end by those in, the questionable calls, the willingness of the refs to allow over-the-backs & flops galore (whatever happened to that, Mr. Stern?) and too many jumpshots, and you have the Jazz losing to the previously winless Wizards. Just as we all thought would happen. Oh yeah, I guess being on the 2nd end of a back-to-back might hurt. Which is why you go with those playing well! Of course, what do I know? The Jazz lost this game (with major help from the refs, J-Slo & the inability of the NBA to go through on the few words they ever utter) as much as the Wizards won it (kudos to them for pulling it out… and for using their hot hand… JaVale McGee… throughout the game).

Two other quick thoughts. One… I blame J-Slo almost completely for the game. I won’t blame the refs too much because I didn’t catch the game, but they deserve some of the blame, it seems. (Not to take anything away from the Wizards… they made it a game even when some thought they wouldn’t, and they took it when the Jazz decided they’d rather sit & pick their noses.) And 2nd, the McGee kid. Wow. The last 2 years, both the Jazzz & Wizards have gone wing & big-man… with the Wizards having picked first both times. The Wizards ended up with Nick Young & McGee, the Jazz with Almond & Koufos. Early indications have to have the Wizards on top, right? By more than would be expected for 2 mid-round picks each? Of course, Almond wasting away on the bench probably isn’t helping things.

Player notes below

Deron Williams: 33 minutes one day after playing 31. So much for coming back slowly. 3-7 from the field (2-5 from long range). 8 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists. The 5 TOs hurt though. So does his lack of burst defensively. He’s obviously not at 100%… meaning that J-Slo is misusing him majorly and still losing. Nice.

Ronnie Brewer: He played 36 minutes. Which is amazing for 2 reasons. First, he never plays that much. And second, he struggled again today. Maybe playing a hotter hand would’ve worked better? Anyhow, 3-9 (1-2 from long). 10 points, 5 assists, 1 rebound, 3 TOs and 2 steals. Kinda low on the rebounds there, but JaVale McGee, Caron Butler & Antawn Jamison absolutely killed us on the boards.

CJ Miles: This is what is so frustrating. CJ rarely plays many minutes, and I get that. He hasn’t been playing well at all this season. But he’s finally going today… 5-9 from the field (3-5 from long range), 16 points, 4 boards (all offensive), 2 assists… 3 fouls is a downside, but other than that, he’s playing well. And he only gets 18 minutes!!! With everyone else struggling, J-Slo keeps him on the bench for the entire end of the game. I know you don’t like him, but seriously dude… the point is to win the game! Sometimes, you have to stick with the hot hand. This is what really frustrates me about the game… enough to ruin the entire night because of it.

Carlos Boozer: 9-17 from the field. 20 points, 7 boards. 6 fouls, 2 TOs. So, he fouls out AND manages to absolutely get burned on the defensive end by McGee & Jamison. Nice.

Kosta Koufos: He went 5-7 from the field, finishing with 12 points & 4 boards. And he probably deserves some of the blame for McGee’s big night (13, 11… 6 offensive… and 3 blocks). Kosta just isn’t physically ready to bang inside, I don’t think. And we don’t have anyone else with Okur out and Booze not being willing to bang it out inside most of the time. I don’t know who was the back-up behind Okur before, but it’s probably Koufos now. Of course, he’ll probably be in the D-League when Flop comes back from his “golf cart” accident, because J-Slo has no brain.

Paul Millsap: 9 points and 6 boards before fouling out. Not his best night, but still the “sub of the game” for the Jazz… by default. Yes, everyone else was that bad. Thus the confusion over why J-Slo refused to play CJ.

Andrei Kirilenko: Yikes. 1-7 shooting (0-3 from long range). 3 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds, 3 fouls. I think I heard we went down with an injury… I can’t confirm that though. But not a good night… and he got 24 minutes. Poor CJ… so unwanted by the coach. He’s really unfortunate that the Jazz matched the offer… even if the Jazz are better than the Thunder. He might’ve been coming off of the bench there, but he’d probably be getting more minutes. Especially when he’s playing well.

Kyle Korver: Even more frustration here. 23 minutes. 3-9 shooting (1-4 from long range). He’s got a wrist injury that is obviously affecting him. How does the head coach not see this? Anyhow, he finished with 7 points, 3 boards, 2 assists and just a bad game in general. Lucky for him J-Slo loves him.

Brevin Knight: 7 minutes. 0 points. 1:1 assist:turnover ratio. Just like yesterday, no?

Ronnie Price: Fewer minutes than Brevin. 2 rebounds. I know we have 3 PGs… but stick with 1 as the backup, and play Deron. If you need more minutes, especially tonight… you had CJ!

Matt Harpring: Oh man. The team was playing perfectly fine. J-Slo had to mess with things to bring in an aging, injured guy… and the team implodes. He played 5:19, and that was 5:19 too much. He managed to have a shot blocked… and he picked up 2 quick fouls before finally getting a basket. He’s back though… meaning CJ will play even less. Probably the same for Brewer too. And all this that the Jazz had going… yeah, it’s over. Time to waive the white flag. Just the way J-Slo likes it.

The Jazz were unable to overcome a miserable 2nd quarter (only 15 minutes), and combined with a horrific implosion late in the game (this one on both J-Slo & the horrible refs), the Jazz just wilted against the previously winless Wizards. On the other hand, J-Slo is probably celebrating, because No Knees is back and because he didn’t use CJ in the 4th quarter. The Jazz are off tomorrow before playing the Bobcats in Charlotte on Friday. I’m worried. You should be too.

4 responses to “Harpring Returns, Jazz Lose

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  1. Ouch! Harsh!

  2. The refs were definitely sketchy last night. It seemed like every time McGee was driving or shooting and the ball squirted out of his hands, the refs just assumed there was a foul committed. Never mind that the guy is skinny as hell and thus gets the ball knocked away much more easily than more substantial post players do. And there were over-the-backs galore that the Wizards got away with too. But we could have and should have (and would have, if C.J. had played more) won this game anyway.

    And Deron just looks way out of sync. He’s not making shots, he’s turning the ball over, he’s not driving to the hoop with force, and he’s not making good reads off of the pick-and-rolls. Most of that should be rectified when he’s 100%, but it’s frustrating to watch, knowing he could do so much more if it wasn’t for that damn ankle.

  3. Yeah… Deron worries me. He’s hurt… we all know that. He came back because Okur had to go, but hopefully it doesn’t come back to hurt him (and the Jazz) in the long run.

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