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Yet again, the Jazz play horribly on the road (save for the very end) and come away with a loss in a game that they should have won (no offense to the Bobcats, but if the Jazz want to be considered “contenders”, they have to win games like this). Yes, even if they’re shorthanded and without 3 of their stars. They weren’t the only shorthanded team (the Bobcats were without Jason Richardson). The Bobcats still showed up. And as a result, they picked up their 3rd win on the season, while handing the Jazz their 3rd loss.

The Jazz started out fast, jumping ahead 7 after 1. But, as Booner put it best

Bobcats tomorrow night. Jazz fans are the only fans in the world scared to face the Bobcats.

Throw in the fact that it was on the road, and yeah… the Bobcats won the next 3 quarters (the 2nd by 8, the 3rd by 2, and the 4th by 5). Game. The Jazz made some sort of effort late, but it was “too little, too late” by that point. And yes, I’m blaming J-Slo again. Why not? I mean, just look at the minutes he handed out

Other quick notes… Adam Morrison has a shot. Now, if he could do anything else on the court, he might show why he was a lottery pick. Until then, though, he’s just an overdrafted Steve Novak. I like DJ Augustin. I wonder if they’d take someone like Almond or Fesenko or the likes for him. Actually, I guess not… the Jazz don’t need 4 PGs. Though whether or not Price is really a PG is up for debate.

Player Notes Below

Ronnie Price: Look, I know he was impressive last year. But he was coming off the bench! And while he finally got some good numbers tonight (6-10, 2-4 from long range, 14 points, 3 assists, 2 steals, 4 turnovers), he’s not a true PG. He’s an undersized 2-guard… a spark-plug off of the bench. He should not be starting. And when he’s not the biggest problem in the starting 5, something is wrong.

Ronnie Brewer: Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy. But when you’re taking 16 shots, something is wrong. Especially when you only make 4. The 4 assists & 3 steals are nice. The 2 turnovers and the 3 blocked attempts, not so much. And the 25% shooting is killer.

CJ Miles: Okay, J-Slo. Against Washington, CJ was a great play… and you didn’t play him!!! And today, when he’s launching up bad shots (2-7 shooting, 1-4 from long range), you give him extra minutes (25 minutes)? What? Why not play Kyle more, especially since he seemed to get his shot back? Or Almond? Late in the game, with the Jazz needing a defensive stop, he gave Adam Morrison all the space in the world, and Morrison (not much of a threat to drive… a la CJ, no less) buried it. Play up on him! J-Slo, you deserve blame for this as well. He shouldn’t have even been in.

Carlos Boozer: Nice numbers. 9-17 shooting, 8-8 from the FT line… 26 & 15. And 5 fouls and 2 TOs, but ugh. What you don’t see is that the Bobcats had their big men in foul trouble early (all like 3 of them), and yet Booze either wasn’t on the court (his own foul trouble) or he just wasn’t dominating inside. I don’t know who’s fault that is, but seriously. Take over down low. That’s your job.

Kosta Koufos: Talk about making an impact. He played almost 30 minutes, despite not playing late because J-Slo doesn’t get the basic concept of needing a 3-pointer late and can’t seem to see when Booze is not dominating like he should. Koufos shined though, picking up 9 points, 10 boards & 5 blocks! Also nice… 6 of his boards were offensive. Now if only he could improve on the 4-10 shooting. I don’t know where Fesenko is, but Koufos has just taken the back-up C spot from him.

Paul Millsap: 5-11 shooting, including a missed 3-pointer. 5 rebounds, and 5 fouls. The Bobcats obviously had the plan to attack inside, and as evidenced by the 24 FTs combined between Raymond Felton & Gerald Wallace (as many as the entire Jazz team), it worked. ‘Sap & Booze each finished with 5 fouls, and ‘Sap really didn’t dominate as you would’ve liked given the Bobcats foul trouble for big men.

Brevin Knight: 2-5 shooting, and 4-6 from the line. 4 assists to 3 turnovers. 3 rebounds. 8 points, before fouling out. He needs to cut the TOs down, and he needs to be starting when Deron is out. He also needs to make his FTs (I thought he was a 90+% shooter). Oh, and dude… stop fouling. Please, please don’t learn the Jazz method of “defense”.

Matt Harpring: Explain this to me… No Knees got more minutes than Korver. Late, needing a trey… and Korver can’t even pick up the extra 6 seconds to pass No Knees in time played. And you wonder why the Jazz have issues. J-Slo has to be happy though… No Knees got 4 points on 2 shots in 14 minutes. Just another excuse to play him major minutes down the road. There was the defensive breakdown late where he left Morrison open (just like CJ), but he’s obviously not going to get a lecture from J-Slo about that.

Kyle Korver: What happened? All of a sudden, he’s not getting any time at all. That too, today, he was 2-2 from long range and 2-4 overall. The 3 TOs hurt, yes, but J-Slo has never pulled No Knees for too many turnovers, so why Korver? And why not send him back in when we need the treys late? Koufos, Almond, Price, Korver… they should’ve all been on the court. None of them were until Price was forced in after Knight fouled out. And still no subs, so down 6 with under 24 seconds left, obviously the Jazz settle for a blown lay-up. Treat Korver like this, and he’ll be out the door after the season in a flash. Why stick around to get insulted like this?

The Jazz didn’t play hard early, and didn’t play hard late (until the final couple of minutes). This 9 man rotation is hell… at least give Almond a shot. I mean, it’s not like he could be worse than No Knees or CJ on nights like today. Of course, given that the Jazz didn’t pick up the option, the question has to be whether or not Almond even sees as many minutes this year as he did last year. My big fear entering the game was that the Bobcats would have a big-man go off on the Jazz (a la JaVale McGee). That didn’t happen (Okafor 6, May 8, Ajinca 0, Hollins 5), but the Bobcats didn’t even need that. Just like last year, they just attacked the Jazz bigs with their guards, and it was enough to pull out the win. How can the Jazz not see this coming? The Bobcats do the same thing every year… and come out ahead every year. And now? A game tomorrow night (yep, back-to-back, again… because the NBA hates the Jazz) in Cleveland. I was worried about the Bobcats game, and that was thinking that we had Deron & AK. Without them… hopefully tomorrow isn’t a total blowout.

Oh, and I’m not the only one feeling like this. This absolutely has to stop. How can they be so horrifically bad on the road?

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  1. at least last year they won against good teams on the road. now they’re just losing to everyone on the road.

  2. Yeah. It’s frustrating… even with the “excuse” that we’re missing Okur, Deron & AK. You still have to win… injuries or not.

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