Jazz Lose Ugly… At Home   4 comments

Yeah. In 1 word, that was fu**ing ugly! One day after blowing out the Kings (in the 2nd half) and getting plenty of rest for their “starters”, the Jazz laid an egg (at home!) against the Nets. Just ugly. Proving that the Jazz will have issues against teams that play defense… aka the playoff teams for sure, and then some.

8 things…

  1. Devin Harris absolutely owned the game, doing whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Drive in for 2? Got it. Settle for the jumper. Done. Drive in and kick it out or draw a foul. Easy as pie. 34 points, 6 assists, 13-17 shooting (plus 8-13 from the line). Total domination against the “defense” of the Jazz. That Jason Kidd trade is looking fairly good for them.
  2. Okur picked a bad day to have an off-night. After dominating in the first 2 games with Deron back, Okur went 3-13 last night (0-3 from long range). While he did get his double-double (10 & 11), his off-night offensively didn’t help. Nor did the 4 TOs. Yeah, we can’t be getting nights like this from Okur.

  3. The Nets shot 52% from the field last night. The Jazz shot 43.4% That is just horrible. And it obviously wasn’t just Okur that couldn’t shoot. The Jazz were settling for jumpers, and in normal Jazz fashion, missing them. CJ was 7-15 (2-5 from long range). ‘Sap was 6-14, after another sub-par start to the night. Deron was 3-7. Nights like that aren’t helpful. At least Korver was alright… 4-7 from the field including 2-3 from long range.
  4. Of course, if you look a bit deeper, it’s not just the Nets. The Jazz have stunk up the joint against the Eastern Conference, no matter where the game is being played. The Jazz are 11-7. Against the Western Conference, they are 9-1, with the loss coming at San Antonio (duh). That means, against the Eastern Conference, they are a pathetic 2-6. That’s 1-4 on the road (the miserable road trip) and 1-2 at home (WTF?). That’s just sad. And it’s against teams like Charlotte & New York & New Jersey and all… we haven’t even seen Boston or Detroit yet.
  5. Andrei Kirilenko got injured last night. Ankle or something… he had to leave in the 2nd quarter. Damn! As if we don’t already have enough injuries to worry about.
  6. If you want a minor positive, the Jazz got their 3 double-doubles again, as Deron (10 & 13), Okur (10 & 11) & ‘Sap (20 & 10) all reached the mark. On the other side, the bench also got a double-double… 22 points & 11 rebounds COMBINED! That’s not going to cut it.
  7. I know Fesenko hasn’t played much this season. But, god has he looked bad. All the talk last season (including some by me) that he needed time… I guess this is why he didn’t get it. He’s looked soft defensively (Koufos seems much more likely to be the defensive guy we need a couple years down the road), can’t make a shot, is turnover prone, etc. Not what we need from him. Time to send him down to the NBDL, in my opinion. He needs more time to develop, and he’s not getting it up here.
  8. Completely unrelated, but for those wondering, the “Wade Rules” the NBA installed during the NBA Finals a couple years back still exist. Just in case you were wondering why the NBA still has issues. It’s stuff like that really isn’t helping the NBA at all. Of course, I don’t think David Stern even cares.

So, reports are that Reggie Theus (coach of the Kings) wasn’t pleased with the effort the Kings gave in the 3rd quarter against the Jazz. Which isn’t very surprising. Well, they get another attempt on Tuesday, when the Jazz visit Sacramento. A couple days off… interesting. The Jazz definitely need all the off-days they can get to get healthy. And to get over such an ugly loss.

4 responses to “Jazz Lose Ugly… At Home

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  1. two things:
    –#6 is only a positive for our beloved boler.
    –in regards to #8, stern don’t care about jack as long as his chosen ones are getting all the hype they “deserve” and the season proceeds in a way that meets his ends.

  2. Agreed, and agreed (sadly). Boler is lucky he got to be at such a great game while the Jazz stunk it up in his absence.

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