Raptors Come To ESA With New Coach   2 comments

The Jazz host the Raptors tonight, in a late start game at 8:30 PM MST. The Jazz are coming off of a loss to the Heat at home, one that dropped their record against the Eastern Conference to a miserable 2-7, including a sad 1-3 at home. The Raptors are 8-9, coming off 2 straight losses on their Western Conference road swing (@ the Kobes, @ Denver).

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  • AK should be back tonight. Finally! God, this is almost as good as getting Deron back. Maybe even better, given how the last couple of games have gone. With “last couple” being a huge understatement.
  • The Raptors will be welcoming new coach Jay Triano. It seems he was once attempting to make the Jazz, but lost out to some John Stockton dude.

  • Finally, someone that thinks Stockton is better than Isiah. It’s been long enough.
  • More AK… best player on the Jazz?
  • The Raptors lost to the Nuggets by 39 in their last game.
  • The Raptors bring in Chris Bosh, which means the Jazz could have problems. Have you seen the Jazz interior D? Plus the Raptors Jason Kapono, Andrea Bargnani & Anthony Parker… 3 point shooters galore. More problems there. And Triano wants the team to get out and run.
  • True Blue Jazz brings news that Bill Simmons was just kidding before. Good, now a lesson dude. Sarcasm doesn’t work online. Time to start ignoring him even more than before.
  • The current Jazz injury list reads like a solid NBA roster. The non-injured list is the group of players that need more time. Signs of something?
  • The game might even be on KJZZ tonight! Of course, it’s at 8:30, and I’m unfortunate enough to have a 4-hour class tomorrow starting at 8 AM, so yeah… late starts suck. Jazz game. Late night. Home game. Eastern conference team with a new coach. Lack of injury free players. Yikes!

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2 responses to “Raptors Come To ESA With New Coach

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  1. “the Jazz interior D”…aka the Jazz interior _efense. ugh.

  2. Yeah. It’s been horrible. And horrifying to watch. The Jazz “F” (instead of D), as some would call it.

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