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Despite the horrible scheduling by the NBA (but seriously, did you expect better from them?), the Jazz kept it close to the Suns throughout the game. In the end though, they fell just short, losing 106-104. In the end, Amare’s absolute domination was enough for the Suns to overcome the hot night from CJ from outside (until it counted). Of course, Deron’s 1-7 from long range didn’t help. And I’m pretty sure the 10 missed FTs, and the 12 rebounds (COMBINED!) from players not named ‘Sap & Okur killed as well. Oh, and as expected, No Knees followed up a good effort with a crap-tacular one. Doesn’t J-Slow get that he can’t run with the teams that have a pace anything faster than a snail? But eh, a loss is a loss, and all you can do is hope that next time, the NBA isn’t so stupid. Oh, and J-Slow too.

Game talk…
SLC Dunk’s game thread… if you feel like reading.
– Hopefully Brevin is okay after spending the night in a hospital.
Quick thoughts from The Cowhide Globe
Living & Dying by the Jazz isn’t a happy camper. Nor am I, but sadly my o. chem test is preventing me from recapping the Suns game. Though that might be a good thing.

Moving on…

  • Derrick Rose might’ve caused Deron Williams to roll his ankle. But now? He’s doing some rolling of his own

    An early report claims that Rose rolled over onto a knife he was using to carve an apple while in bed.

  • Ronny Turiaf has proven that it takes less than a fourth of the season to go from newcomer to team captain.
  • Kevin McHale, ex-Celtic and now proud GM of the Celtics Timberwolves, is now the head coach after the firing of Randy Wittman. This is starting to read kind of like the Isiah Thomas story, except that Isiah never helped the Pistons win the championship by trading them his star (of course, the Knicks had none) for pennies on the dollar. Canis Hoopus is your stop for more information… the entire page is pretty much covered with news about this.

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  1. “It was a silly incident,” Rose said. “I was cutting up some food and I laid on a knife getting lazy in bed. I went to go get a bottle of water, came back, forgot the knife was there, then sat down and sliced my arm.”

    A very Monta explanation. haha.

  2. lol. Yeah.


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