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The Jazz, coming off of a disappointing loss in Phoenix at the end of a back-to-back on Saturday, begin a 2-game Northwest Division opponent swing. The Jazz sit at 13-9, and 5-5 in their last 10. The T-Wolves sit at 4-15 (3-7 in their last 10), and come in on a 5-game losing streak. And the T-Wolves become the 2nd Jazz opponent of the last 3 to be bringing in a new coach. In this case, it’s ex-GM (that role was taken from him and given to no one) Kevin McHale… aka the guy that helped the Celtics win the championship by giving them KG. I assume he really enjoyed watching his ex-team win it all.

Links & Things & stuff like that…

  • SLC Dunk’s game thread focus’s on the important story from the Jazz side… J-Slo’s 20-year anniversary. I think I remember reading something before the season about the Jazz asking to be able to have a game on this day at home to honor him, but of course David Stern & the NBA just gave the Jazz a big, fat “F*** YOU!”. It’s all they know how to do anyways.

  • Siler on the milestone. He also mentions how the NBA decided on a game on the road in a half-empty (at least) stadium (and seriously, everyone saw this coming) instead of letting the Jazz host this. The NBA… where screwing you over happens (unless you’re the Kobes or the Celtics or a “superstar” as they’ve chosen).
  • Siler also mentions the refs for the game, and notes that the morning shoot-around was canceled due to a lack of heat.
  • True Blue Jazz links up the Sloan stories and predicts a Jazz win. Someone seems to have forgotten that the game is being played in Minnesota. Just remember back to last year (if you can’t, SLC Dunk’s game thread will help you)…
  • ESPN’s J.A. Adande on Sloan. Finally, some love from the big boys. It only took 20 years for J-Slo to reach that point.
  • From the Wolves side, Canis Hoopus’ game thread, and some notes worth reading if you want to see what you might expect from the Wolves. Of note, the fans there seem to be hoping for “up-tempo zombie ball”. Up tempo… yikes! I guess that means we’ll be seeing to much of No Knees tonight.
  • Yahoo! Sports compares Glen Taylor & Kevin McHale to William Clay Ford & Matt Millen (Lions owner and ex-GM). I don’t know which of the 2 should be more insulted. Isiah Thomas is also brought up… the first comparison that came to my mind with the move (and I mentioned it in the Suns “recap”).
  • Are there truly rumors of a Amare for LaMarcus Aldridge trade (with others, of course, to make salaries match)? Hopefully not.
  • How about a deal between the Mavs & Knicks involving Malik Rose & Jerry Stackhouse? If that goes down, one thing is guaranteed… the Jazz can’t shift Booze for Rose’s expiring contract & David Lee (that might not even be likely… I just remember reading that D’Antoni wasn’t high on Lee). Of course… do we even want to trade Booze?
  • As was well planned by both parties, the Pistons have resigned Antonio McDyess. We all knew this was going to happen, no matter what anyone said. Except the NBA of course… they turned a blind eye and let it happen.
  • I wonder if the NBA believes in parity… or realizes that their “salary cap” is total bullshit. Make it a hard cap and force it on the teams. Stupid “luxury tax” and all that…

So, supposedly House will make me cry tonight. That’ll be interesting, because I don’t normally cry during movies/TV shows (or at least I never have).

• Cuddy and House make out.
• Cameron discovers she’s pregnant.
• Thirteen learns she’s actually not sick.
• Cuddy gets a baby.
• Wilson gets married.

I don’t think I’d cry about any of those… though it’d be cool if Thirteen wasn’t actually sick. Wilson getting married wouldn’t cause crying… it’d be a huge surprise though. The other 3… eh. Not crying worthy, in my opinion.

Oh yeah… the Jazz game. Not on KJZZ (duh). Congrats to J-Slo on 20 years… please don’t overdo it with No Knees’ playing time tonight. Booze could be back for the Portland game Thursday. Did you see the Panthers yesterday? Hell yeah!

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  1. you read eonline? haha…(um…i recognize the five options for why house will make you cry because i read the same article this morning). that said, the episode didn’t make me cry.

    anyway, my real comment is…did you take your usual “w” off of “J-Slow” in honor of jerry’s annivesary?

  2. I don’t normally read e-online, but there are links to it when I open my Yahoo! e-mail account, and it said “House”, so I clicked… and I didn’t cry. At least not until they announced they were moving it to Mondays. That ruined my night.

    Yeah, I figured I’d be kinda nice in honor of the anniversary, so I left the “w” off.

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