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The deal:
Wizards get: Mike James, Javaris Crittenton
Grizzlies get: Future 1st round pick (originally Memphis’)
Hornets get: Antonio Daniels, 2nd round pick in 2015 or cash from Memphis

After the trade went down, the Wizards released ex-Jazzster Shorty.

The Wizards were in need of guard help, especially with Agent Zero out. So they settled on youngster Javaris Crittenton (traded for the 2nd time in his short career), a youngster who was caught in a log jam in Memphis… one that resulted in him played about 6 minutes a game in 7 games this season. He struggled to get the time behind Kyle Lowry & Mike Conley (on the other hand, I assume we can put an end to the Conley-to-Portland rumors). The Wizards also acquired Mike James from the Hornets. James was added in the off-season, but couldn’t beat out Devin Brown (another ex-Jazzster) for the back-up PG spot. So now the Wizards have 2 new PGs to man the position, especially with them trading their other PG. Pradamaster over at Bullets Forever likes the deal, but nails it on the head by mentioning that it totally depends on Crittenton’s development. And nails it on the head again by mentioning that the Daniels-for-James swap is a definite downgrade.

The Hornets, as I’ve mentioned above, were in need of a back-up PG. And that’s what they got. They dealt away the disappointing Mike James, and ended up upgrading by getting Antonio Daniels. And in the process, they also somehow walked away with a conditional 2nd round pick. Daniels isn’t a superstar by any measure, but they don’t need that behind Chris Paul. Hornets 247 thinks the trade is great for them. I guess this’ll mean fewer minutes for Devin Brown.

The Grizzlies… well, Crittenton wasn’t getting time behind Lowry & Conley. They had traded the 1st round pick to Washington earlier (for Juan Carlos Navarro) and decided they wanted it back. So, the premise for the deal was set up. They had to throw in a 2015 pick or cash to New Orleans because of some odd rule stating that all teams involved have to exchange assets. The choice between cash & pick will be made by the Grizzlies. Chris Herrington’s Blog looks at the Grizzlies reasons for making the deal, and admits that while it might look back in the future, he (Chris Herrington) gets why the deal was made.

Maybe it’s just me, but the trade seems fairly inconsequential to pretty much everything. At least right now. The development of Crittenton & whoever that 1st round pick turns into will probably end up deciding who wins this trade.

Posted December 10, 2008 by S S in Dee Brown, Devin Brown, MEM Grizzlies, NO Hornets, trade, WAS Wizards

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