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The Jazz rebounded well from the ugliness in Minnesota, playing well & beating the Blazers at the ESA, 97-88. The Jazz had a relatively comfortable lead for most of the game (after the first quarter), sitting on top by about 14 or so points until the Blazers went on a mini-run late to cut the lead to single digits. That said, the Jazz still pulled it off, and it was never really in doubt, which is all you can really ask for when playing a division rival that is 1 game ahead of you (or was, entering the night).


  • Okur was solid again, going 9-14 from the field (2-4 from downtown) & 7-7 from the line to finish with 21 points. He added 10 boards (all defensive).
  • ‘Sap was 6-12 from the field & 5-9 from the line for 17 points. He added 12 boards (7 offensive!), and was part of the ‘Sap & LaMarcus Aldridge show early in the first. His lack of defensive boards emphasizes the one thing the Jazz really miss with Booze out… a presence on the defensive boards.

  • Deron continues to struggle offensively, going just 5-16 last night. While he did complete the double-double trio again with 14 & 11 (he also had 5 boards and just 2 turnovers), he really seems to be struggling with his shot. That’s not good.
  • CJ & Brewer both had ‘meh…’ nights offensively (10 & 9 points, respectively), but did throw in a combined 7 boards & 3 assists. CJ did miss a lay-up and a dunk if I remember correctly though…
  • The bench threw in 20 points (8 from AK to lead the way), and an impressive 7 steals (3 by AK, 4 by Knight).
  • Did Ronnie Price insult tractors in front of J-Slo or something? How else do you explain his sudden & total disappearance?
  • We didn’t get to see an Oden vs. Koufos match-up. Which is sad. I guess we’re still waiting on the ‘Battle of ex-Ohio State and now 1st round picked centers in the Northwest Division’. Maybe next time.
  • For the Blazers, it was the Brandon Roy & LaMarcus Aldridge show. Aldridge finished with 22 points (on 10-18 shooting) & 6 boards. On the other hand, Roy had a very Kobe-ish line… 33 points & 0 assists. But he was 12-22 from the field, which is a lot fewer shots than Kobe would take. He also had 8 boards, and was 7-8 from the line.
  • Rudy Fernandez also hit double digits with 10 points (on 2-7 shooting, 1-6 from downtown), but that was it for the Blazers.
  • The Blazers were 6-27 from the line, and seemed to occasionally jack up ill-advised 3-pointers. If they played for J-Slo, half the guys would be in the doghouse just for that reason.
  • Korver is not back. I guess that shot in Minny was just an accident.
  • The Jazz shot 30 FTs, the Blazers 19. According to Blazer’s Edge, it has something to do with the teams relative intensities.
  • The Jazz lost out on the boards (by 5), and in shots taken (by 5). But they had more assists (by 10), and more shots made (by 1). Off that topic, the Jazz were 3-10 from downtown. Back on topic, Deron had more assists in the first half (7) than the Blazers (6). The Kobe Brandon Roy show in effect? That said, Brandon Roy is very good, and I’m kinda pissed that he’s in the Northwest Division. Though I guess that would’ve ended up being the result even if the T-Wolves hadn’t traded him (it’s the T-Wolves though, of course they traded him).

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    It always nice to get a home win against a division rival that has (had) a better record than you. That said, hopefully the Jazz don’t implode again in their next game (which is tonight). The Blazers have been struggling as of late, losing to the Magic before this game, and losing to the Clippers in 2OT last night, falling 0.5 games behind the Jazz. Up next, the Magic at the ESA.

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    1. i think there just aren’t any minutes left for ronnie p. with dwill getting his minutes and knight backing up him up (can’t argue with that; knight is clearly better at running the offense). price is exciting and all, but he’s not as good at pg (yet?)

      so…what do you think are our chances tonight? you’d think that if dho doesn’t play, we should win…then again, while jerry is mr. consistency, the jazz are mr. inconsistency…

    2. Agreed on Price. It’s just weird to see him disappear so suddenly.

      And while it’s a bit late, I would’ve predicted win, but with extreme cautiousness. Because it is the Jazz, after all.

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