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Update: Mo Almond will be getting the start in place of Brewer. Time for him to show what he has.

This should be a good game. The Jazz come in at 15-9, having won 2 straight, including a solid, if unspectacular, win over the Blazers a couple nights back. The Magic, on the other hand, come in at 17-6, and winners of 8 of their last 10. Their most recent game, though, was a loss in Phoenix to the new-look Suns… a game in which Dwight Howard went down with some knee pains. Whether he’s playing or not will have a huge impact in the way this game goes.

Links & Things & stuff like that…

  • Third Quarter Collapse would like some revenge after ‘Sap destroyed the Magic in Orlando last year. I’ll admit, I don’t know many other teams that would rather see the All-Star & ‘Olympian’ than the normal back-up.
  • As expected, Booze will be out tonight. Also out will be Ronnie Brewer, who is attending the funeral of his aunt. AK, Korver & Almond are possibilities to get the start, though I wouldn’t count out Knight or Price either, knowing J-Slow.

  • The Magic are currently on a 5-game Western Conference road swing. They started with wins against the Clippers & Blazers before falling to the Suns. After the game tonight, they’ll have a day off before playing the Warriors.
  • This game will be huge for the Jazz. After it, they start their annual 5-game, Eastern Conference torture the fans tour road swing. Yep, they’re getting ready for their second of 3 ‘5-game EC swing’ as they play Boston, New Jersey, Detroit, Chicago & Milwaukee. Yikes! Always good to head out on the road with some momentum, though I don’t know how much it helps. The Jazz were 5-0 before starting their last 5-game EC swing (the first of 3 this year), and went 1-4 on that roadtrip. And that included losses to sub-par teams in New York, Washington & Charlotte. The also lost to the Cavs, who are dominating right now. The lone win came against another sub-par team, the Sixers.
  • Speaking of the Sixers, they became the latest team to fire their head coach, firing Maurice Cheeks after a 9-14 start. The guys at Liberty Ballers are excited.
  • Stop-n-Pop had a chat with League Pass customer service. My take from it… the NBA (or at least league pass) really couldn’t care less if you get the game you want or not. Of course, he’s paying, so it’s legitimate complaint. I complain about the Jazz not being on KJZZ… not because I’m paying money & watching the NBA eat it and laugh at me, but because I think it’s stupid that you’ve decided to take all the game (okay, just like 40 of them) off of normal TV and charge fans to watch the team they’ve been watching for years.
  • Yet again, the game isn’t on KJZZ. I guess it’s a good thing though… I have to study for the o. chem final I have on Monday.

The Jazz will look to protect their home court against an EC team again (it hasn’t gone too well so far this season). Let’s hope this turns out better than Chicago. And Miami.

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  1. while i’d like to see mo al “show what he has,” i remember that it took cj more than a few games to get into the groove and prove that he wasn’t a bust (yes, i admit i was one of the people saying that he was overpriced and that the jazz made a mistake matching for him). that said, mo al has been somewhat of a pleasant surprise in the few minutes he’s gotten so far this season…particularly on D which was unexpected. i thought all he could and would do is shoot.

  2. Yeah. Sadly, he still shoots too much. Which isn’t good when there are other options out there. It’s not like he’s back at Rice & has no solid teammates. We’ve got AK, Deron, Okur, ‘Sap, CJ, Korver, Brewer at times… they’re all playing with him. He just needs to look to pass more often.

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