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Update: For those of you that thought Booze might be back today, I laugh in your general direction. How could you be so stupid?

Well, this should be fun. The Jazz, coming off of yet another home loss to an Eastern Conference team, start another 5-game Eastern Conference road swing, their second of the season. The first one ended with the Jazz limping home 1-4, a huge disappointment after starting the season 5-0. This one starts off a bit harder, as the Jazz travel to Boston, home of the NBA Champs, the Boston Celtics. Of course, they got a lot of help when they traded Al Jefferson & trash for KG, and before that when they traded a pick & trash to the “Sonics” for Ray Allen. But still, the NBA allowed it… which means that it was important in their goal to screw over the teams that truly know how to build up so that they can get a match-up of big markets. Eh… that’s all old now, though I’m sure David Stern wouldn’t mind it happening again. The Celtics have been winning this year, at a fairly high rate. All the better for the league Stern.

Sorry if I seem a bit bitter. I’m sick of Stern. And the refs. And the Jazz at times too. Like the 3rd quarter of the Magic game. Yeah, that ruined my day (luckily the Panthers rolled yesterday, to help overcome the pain a bit). Anyhow, the Jazz beat the Celtics in Boston last year (repayment for the Celtics winning in the ESA?), so it’s not out of the question. Of course, the Celtics weren’t 22-2 and on a 14 game winning streak last year (no, it was only 10 games last year). Parity my ass.

Links & Things & stuff like that…

  • Brewer should be back today, which means we won’t have to see Mo Almond jack up miss after miss shot after shot. At least not in a starting role.

  • Booze might be back. He might also not be. Can you guess which one it is before game-time?
  • Steve Nash feels like he’s been traded. Good for him to get used to that feeling, because it’ll happen soon. Probably to the Celtics for their 13th-man or something.
  • Linas Kleiza (remember him?) could be traded soon. Just like he was almost traded last year. Hopefully he ends up on a team where he’d be the best player. That way if he goes off for 40 on the Jazz, it’ll be the best player going off and not some random guy as it normally is.
  • Stan Van Gundy’s job is safe in Orlando. Which is good for him, because we obviously live in a time when 18-6 & 1st in the division isn’t enough. Nor is his 70-36 record with the Magic in just over 1 year. You know, the first thing I thought of after the Magic beat the Jazz was… “Is Van Gundy going to be fired soon? Because the team might be under-performing at 18-6.”
  • Speaking of coaching jobs, Elton Brand is surprised that Mo Cheeks was fired. Obviously going from playoff team to 10-14 (after adding a big name like Brand) isn’t worthy of firing in Brand’s books.

    “They want to win and win now,” forward Elton Brand said.

    Brand is obviously used to the Clippers stance of “it doesn’t really matter”. No duh, stupid! Of course they want to win now. That’s why they added you to their roster. To try and win. Not battle for the #1 pick (they’re losing badly in that race too).

  • Could Rasheed Wallace be traded? It would probably take Dirk Nowitzki for the Mavs to get it done… is that a good deal? I guess if both teams feel they just need a spark. The Pistons are 13-9, 2nd place in the Central Division and 6 games behind the Cavs. The Mavs are also 13-9, but they’re 4th in the Southwest Division and just 1.5 games behind the Spurs.
  • dwillfan thinks that J-Slow needs to start calling plays again, like he did in the John Stockton era. If this (too many turnovers, horrible decisions offensively, the inability to stop a team on the perimeter, etc.) continues, why the hell not? Not like you’ve got anything more to lose (other than games, which the Jazz are losing anyways).
  • CelticsBlog, your home for things Celticy, had this kinda open-thread following the Flash game on Saturday. To note…
    • Utah is sitting at 2-4 with a 2-game losing streak

    • the Flash’s PG skills seem suspect too.. lost control of the ball and not really a playmaker, more of a combo guard. … Man, they seem to be missing Kevin Kruger
    • other thing: Utah seems to have no interior D whatsoever. If someone was willing to take some charges it would dramatically change this game. … Good lord! It’s a problem down there too. I guess they were serious when they said that the Flash would be run similar to the Jazz.
    • ouch Utah 1-11 in the 4th … The horror! The horror!
  • Fesenko will probably be down in the NBDL soon. I think J-Slow said something about him rather having Fesenko sitting in the NBA while injured than sitting in the NBDL. How that helps, I don’t know. I guess it proves that Fesenko isn’t completely in the doghouse yet. He’s injured, so Price has the doghouse to himself, and it’ll still be his when Fesenko is sent down.
  • If you think you might be able to watch the game on KJZZ, the Jazz & the NBA & FSN would like for you to walk to the nearest mirror and point & laugh at the person directly across from you. What a loser.
  • Oh, and as The Cowhide Globe points out, ex-Jazz assistant Kenny Natt will be the interim HC for the Kings, who fired Reggie Theus earlier today. More on Natt here. And more on the Kings here. It seems the Kings fan prefer they go hire Eddie Jordan. In that case, make the most of the limited time you have Kenny.

Yeah… screw this. Game tonight if you’re interested. I’ll be studying for a final, and hoping that the Pirates eventually get semi-good. Go Jazz…

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  1. Rasheed for Dirk would be a lopsided steal for the Pistons, are you kidding me. One is a quitter who averages 15/8 and is lower in almost category than the other at 26/9.

  2. last year’s playoffs helped stern accomplish two things–it temporarily stopped talk about 1) realigning the divisions to offset the disparity between east and west; 2) changing the playoffs format to the top 16 teams regardless of conference/division. fans have short memories. does anyone still remember how awful the east was? things haven’t changed much–the east landscape is still littered with way more awful teams than the west. the nba’s hyping of lbj also helps stop the talk.

    dukies boozer and brand share the same attitude, i.e. nonchalance, towards winning and playing.

    finally, looks like it’s you and me matched up in fantasy this week…good luck to you though looking at the standings, i think i need it more…

  3. I agree JJ. That is the one rumor I saw though (I don’t remember wehre). Seems highly unlikely though, unless the Pistons throw in something else. Something very big, that is.

  4. Yeah, the playoffs last year were good for Stern, not so much for fans of teams other than the Celtics & Lakers.

    Good luck to you too.

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