Jazz Lose Again   2 comments

‘Sap had a monster night (32 & 10), and the Jazz still fell short by 9. I guess that’s what happens when your bench (minus AK) goes 0-9 for 6 points. Or when Deron continues to try and give it his all at like 80% while Booze refuses to get up and play. Or when the Jazz are out-rebounded by 20. Or when No Knees continues to see playing time, and responds by blowing even more lay-ups. Or when the Jazz hack Rajon Rondo as if he’s Shaq. Or when your starting wing plays a total of 15 minutes (no points for guessing who that is).

Other notes… Ronnie Price saw the court again, and went 0-3… Morris Almond didn’t get any playing time. I wonder if the horrible shooting performances when he did play had an impact. Actually, they probably didn’t; I mean, No Knees still gets time…

I would like to commend the Jazz on yet another amazing(ly bad) effort. Deron playing hurt is really hurting his game and the team. Booze not playing is hurting the team. ‘Sap is the only player showing up (Okur & Brewer at various times), and it’s killing the team. They’re now .500 without Booze, and approaching .500 on the season (which will happen if they can’t win on the road trip).

They can’t win at home. They can’t win on the road. Half the team is injured.


  • AK is out tomorrow? Oh great, just what we need… another injury. Time to cut our losses (No Knees, Flop, Fesenko?, Almond?) and go get guys that can play when every on the team is injured.

  • True Blue Jazz on things that suck right now. Surprisingly, “the Jazz” doesn’t make the list. It was the first thing that came to my mind.
  • Gordon Monson seems to think that ‘Sap > Booze in the long haul. I think many people are leaning that way, even if ‘Sap isn’t the force in the low post offensively that Booze is. I mean, at least ‘Sap is playing.
  • Booze is probably out again tomorrow, despite practicing today. Surprise surprise. AK is actually a game-time decision, but yeah… it’s the Jazz.
  • “He seems to not have the energy to compete,” Sloan said. “That’s hard for me to understand why, unless he’s sick or hurt or something. You learn how to compete and give yourself a chance to get better.

    That’s J-Slow on CJ. Also from that article (the Booze is out link)…

    Miles has started all 26 games for the Jazz this season, but played only 16 minutes Monday. Kyle Korver, meanwhile, didn’t get off the bench in the second half and played only eight minutes, his second-fewest since coming to the Jazz last December.

    Oh, and mentioned is the fact that Booze & ‘Sap could play together more (can you say undersized?), which would cost Okur & Koufos minutes. Which is funny, because Koufos barely gets minutes anyways (which is pathetically stupid).

I get the feeling that this is just going to get worse…

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  1. with the way the jazz are sucking now, i’d just rather dwill sit until he’s fully recovered. it hurts me to see opponents not of his caliber making him look like a rookie or whatever. playing on leg and being smoked all the time is only going to make his confidence issues worse. so he should just focus on getting healthy…no one is going to question his desire and will to play like with boozer.

  2. I agree. I don’t think he’d sit though… even if the team told him too.

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