Dee Brown Signs With Suns   4 comments

Yeah, the title pretty much says it all. Shorty is a Sun, all because LHM doesn’t like that he’s not married, or something like that. “Bad influence” on Deron… yeah, whatever. Because obviously Deron is unable to take care of himself.

Best of luck (again) to Dee… but please don’t come back and destroy the Jazz. Remember us? We drafted you, and while LHM doesn’t seem to be much of a fan, all the fans here definitely were.

Bright Side of the Suns

Posted December 23, 2008 by S S in Dee Brown, PHX Suns

4 responses to “Dee Brown Signs With Suns

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  1. He beat out some other well-seasons PGs. I wonder if he was a cheaper option and that’s why they went for him. Or the others could have wanted a guaranteed deal. I hope he does well and finished out the season with them.

  2. so he “won” the open tryout?

  3. p.s. i hope he sticks. i really want him to do well.

  4. Yeah, I really want him to do well too. I’d prefer it be with the Jazz, but that probably isn’t happening.

    I’m guessing it was the cheaper/non-guaranteed deal that shifted things in his favor. He brings a defensive intensity that could please Terry Porter too.

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