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Utah 110, Oklahoma City 90   Leave a comment

Well, that “must-win” went well.

Only 51 more “must-win’s” left on the season (35 + 16). The next one? Tonight in Portland.

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We’re In Trouble   Leave a comment

You know you’re in trouble when a late December game against a 11-35 team (whether they are hot or not) is a ‘must-win game’. Of course, when you’re 25-21 (3rd in the Northwest, 9th in the West) a season after making it to the 2nd round of the playoffs (and returning 13 players), and majorly slumping (6 of the last 8 have been losses, including all of the last 4), must-wins start showing up fairly early.

Players will be out. At least 2 of them for the Jazz, and 1 for the Thunder. The Jazz still inexplicably have 15 guys on their roster (counting the ailing), meaning that there is no space to go sign a replacement for the stars that will be out for another month (at least).

Welcome To Loud City

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Fesenko v. Koufos: Dance-Off   Leave a comment

Update: Here’s a version with much better sound/video.

via Ball Don’t Lie

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Surgery For AK   Leave a comment

One more down…

Kirilenko will undergo surgery this morning to remove a bone fragment in the ankle. He had tried unsuccessfully to put off the surgery until after the season and play through the discomfort with a series of cortisone shots.

The Jazz have gone 0-4 since Kirilenko suffered a recurrence of pain in the ankle last week, dropping 1½ games out of playoff position, and will have to survive at least until the All-Star break without both Kirilenko and Carlos Boozer.

He, like Booze before him, will be out until after the ‘all-star’ break (all-star my a**, it’s a stupid popularity contest that should be named as such).

I’d suggest we go out and sign a FA (because there’s no way J-Slow gives more time to the youngsters), but we’re too busy giving Flop a bench-warming seat to go replace him with a more useful player (read… anyone!).

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Inspired? I Call BS.   Leave a comment

“Utah Jazz Inspired By Owner’s Ordeal”

This was an inspired game? Damn… I’m really hoping the ‘uninspired’ Jazz never show up. That could get ugly very, very quickly.

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Jazz Roster Ranking   3 comments

BBJ over at SLC Dunk has this thing going where he’s ranking Jazz players from #15 to #1, with the following criteria…

Where I’m going with this is that I’m going to apply the same principle to the current Jazz roster. If you were an editor (GM) and had to start chopping off players, who would be the first ones to go?

We all know the players that are at the top and bottom of this list. The interesting thing will be to see when the axe falls for everyone in between.

There aren’t really any rules set in stone that I’ll go by. But I’ll take into account things such as stats, salaries, chemistry, team need, and whatever else I come up with. For the sake of this column, we’ll assume that everyone in the league has 15 players on their roster and that they’re having to make the same cuts.

If rosters were suddenly cut to 7, who would you want? If rosters were 5, who would you want? And so on. 3. We’ll also assume that everyone’s healthy.

His #15 to #11 can be found here, and #10 to #6 can be found here. I decided to partake, though without separating it into 3+ well thought out posts. Instead, I have 1 post with 1 sentence explaining my thoughts (at least partially). For those that know my thoughts about the Jazz, some of the rankings might be a bit of a surprise, but it’s how I seriously see it right now. (My list below)

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San Antonio 106, Utah 100   Leave a comment

Talk about mind-bogglingly ugly.

–>Brewer had 23 points after 3 quarters… and didn’t score in the 4th. Of course, it didn’t help that he didn’t start the 4th, and J-Slow waited for him to cool down before putting him back into the game.
–>Okur seemed to finally find his shot… but disappeared big time down the stretch. He did have 17 boards though.
–>6 points from the bench (combined), including a couple of ugly looking treys by Korver. Trade him!
–>One game after playing well in a loss, the Fes/The Koof combo played for just over 3 minutes combined. What?
–>Tonya Harding yet again played alright, but didn’t pull a Bruce Bowen or a Cheap-Shot Bob on anyone on the Spurs unfortunately.
–>The officiating (on both ends) was absolutely horrific. They had no idea about possession calls, flops were called every which way, and in general, it was perfectly legal hack someone, as long as it wasn’t a 7-footer on the Spurs (or a guy married to an ABC show star).
–>The Spurs were draining everything (51.4% from the floor).
–>The Spurs were 11-20 from downtown (55%!), and that’s after missing their last 4 treys. The Jazz refuse to play perimeter defense, and Matt Bonner (the 2nd coolest red-head in the league after Scalabrine!?) and Roger Mason lit them up. Hell, Mr. Longoria had 2 treys on the night… giving him 11 on the season.
–>Deron was 2-6 from the line.
–>CJ had yet another maddeningly inconsistent game… a couple of nice dunks & huge treys offset by some very stupid plays.
–>I miss AK.

Oh, and if you want to know why the MLB & No Fun League are better than David Stern’s WWF on the Hardwood, just look at the officiating. I mean, I’m a Pirates fan, and I know they’re going to be bad. But at least I have the knowledge that it’s because the team was badly constructed and is rebuilding… and not because the umpires unfairly call everything against the Pirates. Not the case in the NBA, where the refs do whatever they feel like.

Of course, it doesn’t help the Jazz to constantly leave players open on the perimeter, yet for some reason, that doesn’t change. And we’ve been seeing that forever. What? As they say, defense wins championships. (Also, as someone somewhere might’ve said at sometime… “change can be a bi***”.)


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