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Well, for those of you that don’t know, the Suns released Dee Brown today. Though I’m guessing you all know that, because seriously… who doesn’t spend their Tuesday surfing the net to find out about ex-Jazzsters? Those of you that have also been paying attention to the Jazz know that the Jazz have really been struggling, and could really use a jump-start. I know there’s a lot of anti-Boozer sentiments out there, but I’m going to leave them alone because it is my greatest wish that they disappear. (Yeah, right.) Instead, I’ll propose something more minor than some blockbuster that would help the Jazz in the short-run (the player/players received in return for trading Booze for pennies on the dollar will be able to play right now while Booze can’t) and kill them in the long-run (no way the Jazz get players comparable to what a healthy Booze gives us).

It’s quite simple really. What the Jazz really need is a semi-serviceable big man who can be a presence inside for a year or so (though The Koof has been looking solid as of late). I don’t know which free agent you could chase after to fill that gap though. The other spot they need help right now is the wings, where the starting duo of CJ Miles & Ronnie Brewer just isn’t cutting it, and Kyle Korver’s shooting struggles aren’t helping. On the other hand, the Jazz have a couple of expendables in Matt Harpring, Jarron Collins (finally healthy, it seems, and an expiring contract) and Morris Almond (expiring contract because his rookie option wasn’t picked up). Some might even toss Kyrylo Fesenko or even Miles (if the deadline for not being able to trade him has passed) in there. Almond has shown a willingness to shoot… and shoot a lot. But his lack of other stuff (occasionally he show up in the rebound column) is hurting his chance to play… something that could happen to CJ sometime soon if he doesn’t step it up. Now, you’re not going to get much of a shooter of some weird combo of No Knees, Flop & Mo Almond (even if you throw Fesenko in there), and probably not much of a shooter straight up for CJ either. (Plus, I don’t see the Jazz trading CJ so soon after matching the offer sheet he got from OKC.)

What the Jazz should do, in my opinion, is try to trade 2 (or more) of the 4 guys (CJ can’t be packaged, if I remember correctly) for a big. Doesn’t have to be an All-NBA team guy or something… just someone that can come in behind Memo (and The Koof, if he shows a solid defensive presence) and maybe divert the opposing guards from driving to the hoop so often. Who’s available? I have no idea. Joe Smith of the Thunder is, but I’d pass. If they’d be willing to give up one of their other bigs though, maybe it’d be worth considering (Robert Swift, Johan Petro, Mouhamed Sene). Maybe one of the guys in New Jersey (Sean Williams, Josh Boone). Who knows? Just someone. Why would they take the guys the Jazz are offering? Well, there are a couple of expiring contracts (though relatively small). Or maybe they think they can utilize Mo Almond better than the Jazz are (wouldn’t surprise me in the least). Or maybe they want the veteranness & toughness of No Knees. Or maybe they think CJ is worth a look (if you trade CJ for a big, then you release one of the Fesenko/Flop duo). As I see it… if teams are willing to trade for a retired Aaron McKie or Jason Collins or the likes, there will be teams that wouldn’t mind No Knees or Flop.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand (see the title of the post). That leaves the Jazz with an empty roster spot (either by trading 2, or releasing 1 after trading CJ). Oh, and I’m assuming 1 of CJ/Almond is gone now. And the Jazz should use that to bring back Dee. LHM and his “it’ll taint Deron” mentality be damned. Deron’s is old enough to manage his own life. Oh, and the following assumes that Price at least kind of still has a shot or some sort from some semi-long distance.

–> Yeah, I know… the Jazz have 3 “point-guards” and all. But do they really though? As we all probably know, Ronnie Price isn’t really a PG. He’s more like an undersized 2-guard… and while I was against playing him there before, I think it might be best to let him play there now. Dee gives you the 3rd PG behind Deron & Brevin Knight. He might not play a lot, but you never know. That’s the PG spot.
–> At the 2-guard, you then have some combo of Brewer, Price, Korver, and one of CJ /Mo Almond. Start Brewer, let Price & Korver play behind him (whoever’s feeling it gets the playing time, obviously). Or you go small, and start Price. Either way, you now have 1 more shooter to use, without injuring J-Slow’s offense by taking out the pass-first PG. When Booze gets back (or, until then with ‘Sap playing down low), having the extra shooter on the floor makes it tougher for the D to double anyone inside… which will be huge when the Jazz start playing inside out again (Booze does this better than ‘Sap)… currently teams can double because they aren’t really afraid of Brewer or CJ shooting a jumper.
–> At the other wing, you have some combo of AK, Brewer, Korver and one of CJ/Mo Almond. If CJ is still around, you can start him. Otherwise, you can start Korver or AK… or Brewer if you’re starting Price at the 2-guard. Starting Brewer & Price works because you have the guy that can cut to the hoop (Brewer) and you have the jump-shooter (Price). That allows you to bring AK of the bench, where he’s been huge for the Jazz, and Korver as well… both of which J-Slow seems to prefer. If CJ is still around, I don’t think he’s going to be starting much longer anyways… and off the bench, he can back-up either wing spot as need be.
–> The PF spot is more or less unchanged… Booze starts when he gets back, and ‘Sap backs him up. With Booze out, The Koof & AK can both see some time here. As can Okur, depending on the big that is brought in.
–> The rotation at C depends on the big brought in… it’ll either be Okur, new guy, The Koof or it’ll be Okur, The Koof, new guy. What’s important is that now you have a big that’ll challenge other guys, without the ‘gameplanning to foul’… and hopefully he’s someone that can fend off a golf cart if need be.

So your starting line-up is something like Deron, Price, Brewer, Booze/’Sap & Okur. Then AK, Korver/ CJ/Mo Almond and The Koof/new guy are the first guys off the bench, with Brevin taking his spot behind Deron when J-Slow’s schedule calls for it. This obviously isn’t a very big move… in fact, it probably pales even if compared to the Korver trade of last year. What it does though, is address 2 needs at once… first, the need for a back-up/3rd-string big that can be counted on at times, and second, the need for a shooter that can play given the struggles of CJ & Korver and Brewer’s inability to improve his J as much as desired/required. It’ll keep defenses a bit more honest, which’ll help the inside-out game that J-Slow preaches. And it won’t cost all that much… a couple of players who aren’t playing anyways. And, I mean… if CJ or Korver is feeling it for a game, then you can sit Price… he’ll just be the 3rd-string 2-guard instead of the 3rd-string PG… it won’t make much of a difference then. It’s another piece, though, that can be used if the Jazz are struggling (which is happening quite a bit now… and could continue as Booze is a while away from returning).

The 12-man ‘active player’ list would be as follows…
PG: Deron, Brevin, Shorty
SG: Price, Korver, (CJ/Mo Almond when Booze is out)
SF: Brewer, AK
PF: Booze, ‘Sap
C: Okur, new guy, The Koof

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