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Via the Deseret News.

The verdict is now out on who’ll be coach again, though. Jerry Sloan, the Jazz organization announced in a press release today, will be coming back for his 22nd season as head coach.

As has been recent tradition, Sloan agreed to a one-year contract with the Jazz for the 2009-10 season.

I guess it’s time the Jazz realize that the players they have (especially the youngsters) don’t mesh with the coach. And if the coach is sticking around forever, there needs to be changes to the roster. At least if you plan on winning it all anytime soon.

Loyalty is great. But when it’s resulting in the same, disappointing results year after year… something has to change. It’s up to the higher up guys to decide what changes. And they have to act on it.

Not to take away from J-Slow at all. He’s a great coach, and has been a huge boon for the Jazz. Even if he’s unable to win it all… which is what the fans want. I’m not the biggest J-Slow fan out there (I hate how he doesn’t develop the rookies, and how he gives too much time to subpar vets because of loyalty or “toughness” or something, and etc.), but you can’t ignore what you have. We have a solid coach.

We have the solid coach We have a solid PG. Other than that… it’ll all be up in the air after this season ends. Time for the front office to make their move.

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12 responses to “Jazz Extend Sloan

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  1. “I guess it’s time the Jazz realize that the players they have (especially the youngsters) don’t mesh with the coach. And if the coach is sticking around forever, there needs to be changes to the roster. At least if you plan on winning it all anytime soon.”

    So what do they do? They went to the WCF two years ago and got beat by a team they match up horribly with, and last year got to the WCSF and the same thing happened.

    I agree there is most likely some sort of rift between coach and players, but I don’t know what kind of roster changes you can make. More Harprings? More Collinses?

    We’ve got a top-notch PG, an all-star PF (when healthy), a PF/C who extends the defense, a very athletic 2, Millsap, AK, and a very solid bench. It’s not so easy to just “revamp” a team through and through. I think, a couple of lucky breaks and anything can happen. This year.

  2. some personnel moves are definitely needed. if it comes down to changing coach or changing players, i’d say you have to go with the latter. others have said it before, if you want to replace jerry, who out there in coaching land would be a better candidate (and perhaps who would be a better candidate that would be willing to move to utah?)

    everyone has been saying how deep the jazz bench is (when healthy). but it turns out that we’re deep with asterisks.
    cj is good *but only at scoring.

    ronnie b is good *but he needs boozer/a post presence that’s going to draw double teams in the paint in order to be effective (as he is NOT effective taking jump shots).

    kk2 is good *for a rookie.

    kk is good *only if his shot is falling–right now for whatever reason/injury, he can’t even be depended to take foul shots at the end of the game.

    almond is good *as trade bait.

    and then of course we have harp and collins.

    some moves are needed, yes. the injury situation has horribly exposed the flaws in our players…

  3. that said, and even as a sloan supporter, i think that some coaching strategy changes have to be made. one example: we know that jerry doens’t like the 3, but it seems like when the jazz are on D, the coaching staff ignores the 3 as well–which is why we often get smoked by other teams. we generally seem clueless about defending the perimeter.

    and like hornacek works with the guys on shooting, i think they need a guy to work with the guys specifically on defense. or just go out and get some more defensive-minded players.

  4. I figure this is the year to change things. We match up horribly with most of the top teams, it seems (save the Hornets)… and even with a couple of the lower teams (based on how we play against them). Half of the team could be free agents after the season, it’s time to figure out what players are part of the future, and which ones are expendable. J-Slow’s strategy, since we’re sticking with it, doesn’t mesh with everyone on the team. Most of the guys struggle on the defensive end, and some players (Almond) are too much of a black hole offensively to get much time on the court.

    The solid bench is an issue, because save AK & ‘Sap (and maybe Koufos & Knight), they haven’t really impressed this year. Korver has struggled immensely, Almond & Fesenko don’t really play, Price isn’t getting much time, Harp has a couple of good games/month, Flop is still trying to figure out golf carts, etc.

    A blockbuster trade probably won’t happen. But given the starting 5 is more or less set, it’s time to add solid role players to the bench (a la the Spurs)… guys that’ll do their thing, and won’t be in the dog house after 1 bad game (that’s on J-Slow though). They might not be the best players available, but we need guys that’ll do their thing, and do it well. For cheap, hopefully… given how much money this team will have locked up in its “stars”.

  5. Oh, and Mike…

    the problem will still be that we match up horribly against the big teams (namely the Lakers right now). We can’t beat the Spurs, it seems, no matter what. The Lakers right now too… Kobe goes off no matter what, the Jazz foul the Lakers too much because they drive in without much of a defensive effort by the Jazz, and the Gasol/Bynum/Odom trio cause fits for the Jazz inside.

    To be the best, you have to beat the best. The Jazz struggle to do that, year in year out… don’t they eventually have to try to find a way to counter that?

    At least that’s how I see it… maybe I’m way off base on this (wouldn’t surprise me).

  6. Ah, I got my name right this time…:)

    Okay, here’s all i’m saying. Nothing is gonna happen this year as far as breaking up a squad. Who are you going to move? AK-47? Memo? Boozer? Nobody’s gonna trade for any of those guys, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

    If this team is healthy, it is dangerous, save the Spurs and Lakers. I can’t see what the big problem with our bench is. You guys say it’s not deep, but you look at a championship club like the Celtics, and their bench is horrible, especially this year. Playoffs you go about 8-9 deep max—we don’t need to sweat if Fesenko or Almond are okay… they get you through a season if 2 or 3 guys get hurt.

    I know I’m a homer… but I see some other teams play and I can tell that we have a team (once fully right, and I think 4 of our 5 top guys are not… (DWill, Booz, Memo, Millsap)) that can contend once they get a rhythm. This team hasn’t had a chance to play as a whole… basically at all this year.

    So my strategy is this: 1) Get healthy. 2) Get the 7 seed and avoid the Lakers ’til the WCF where they miraculously get upset in the 2nd round by Denver. 3) Beat NO in the first round, Portland in the 2nd round (who beat SA in round 1), and Denver in the WCF. 4) Beat Detroit in the Finals.

    I’ll start with #1, at least. :)

  7. speaking of “a la the spurs”…i reminded of something pop said once. when he was asked to describe the perfect spur, he said “guys who have gotten over themselves.”

    those are exactly the type of guys we need. like you said, guys that’ll do their thing and do it well. we desperately need positive veteran presence on this team (knight is a good start). we have a lot of young, talented guys, but some of them have no idea what they’re doing, or perhaps more importantly, what they’re doing wrong in jerry’s eyes.

  8. rxmike12… I agree completely. I’m not saying we blow it up mid-season or something. I just think the brass needs to look at the team after the season, and see that something isn’t working (barring a very surprising end to the season, given how it’s played out so far). And as a result, something has to be done. Maybe not a blockbuster… but something, anything… to get players that’ll improve & improve the team, while also fitting into Jerry’s scheme.

    As for the bench… I see 2 guys I trust… AK & ‘Sap. And that’s with CJ starting… who can’t always be trusted. Korver at times, but he’s really struggling right now. That puts us at about 6 deep (Deron, Booze, Okur, Brewer?, AK, ‘Sap). Harpring as long as the other team isn’t going to run up and down on us. Korver if he’s feeling it. Knight, maybe? Price… he’s near the end of the bench. Flop, Fesenko, Almond, The Koof… they’re all near the end too (or should be, in 1 case). CJ… eh, that’ll depend on Sloan. And even if you throw in Korver, you’re still lacking the perimeter D guy (AK is better helping inside)… something the Celtics had last year in Posey and are really missing this year. The Jazz don’t have that. At least as I see it. Of course, we’re all still waiting for them to get healthy…

    And I agree completely about the Spurs. I’m not saying our bench should be compromised solely of 30-year olds or anything. But a couple of guys playing for the team and not their next contract… it’d be helpful.

    Maybe someone to come in and give a spark when we’re getting clobbered by OKC.

  9. good points all around…

    for whatever it’s worth, the jazz aren’t a blockbuster trade sort of team, and that’s fine by me. i think we have a good core in place, and it’s one that i wouldn’t want to mess with (although due to my personal biases i would still entertain offers for boozer)

    no question that the playoffs shorten the bench considerably. but we are just one injury to one of the top 5 or 6 guys or a ’08 boozer playoff performance away from having our playoff hopes rest on cj, price, or harpring.

    i think that–and here’s the condition of all conditions–if/when we get healthy, we are just one or two defense-minded veteran(s) away from achieving great things. w/o that guy, our season ends whenever we meet the lakers or spurs (inconsistent as the jazz has been, i believe we can take any of the other west teams in a 7-game series)

  10. I just wonder who’s out there to go get, and what we’d have to give up to get there. The NYK 2010 R1? Player-wise, who’s desirable in another system that would get us something good in return?

    Give me a lineup of a healthy DWill, Brewer/KK, AK-47, Boozer, and Okur, and I’ll go to war with Millsap, Brewer/KK, Price or the BK Broiler (c’mon, it’s gonna stick) and Miles coming off the bench. That’s 9-10 deep, and *gulp* I’ll even throw Harpring in there in the right situation (there aren’t many).

    I just don’t know what pieces we can get, but if there’s something out there that’s doable, I’m up for change.

  11. Agreed with you both. I’m just worried, because if we’re winning in the playoffs, we’re going to have to go up against either the Lakers or Spurs, most likely.

    I would avoid trading the pick. Again, I don’t see much happening during this season, trade-wise. Maybe someone will give up something for the potential that Fesenko &/or Almond have, but other than that…

    It’s more of a “this off-season” thing in my view. The chances of this team remaining intact next season is slim… with half the team potentially being FAs and Booze wanting a max contract and all that. It’ll be interesting to see what the Jazz do this off-season.

  12. i think it’ll be an off-season thing too if it happens. in all likelihood, we still won’t know, or will just be beginning to know, what a healthy jazz team can do by the trade deadline, and you can’t really make any major moves without seeing how a healthy jazz looks.

    as for who we can get, i don’t know either. jazz fans have been talking for years and years about getting that elusive defensive shot-blocking center. who is that guy, at the right price? i still have no idea.

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