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BBJ over at SLC Dunk has this thing going where he’s ranking Jazz players from #15 to #1, with the following criteria…

Where I’m going with this is that I’m going to apply the same principle to the current Jazz roster. If you were an editor (GM) and had to start chopping off players, who would be the first ones to go?

We all know the players that are at the top and bottom of this list. The interesting thing will be to see when the axe falls for everyone in between.

There aren’t really any rules set in stone that I’ll go by. But I’ll take into account things such as stats, salaries, chemistry, team need, and whatever else I come up with. For the sake of this column, we’ll assume that everyone in the league has 15 players on their roster and that they’re having to make the same cuts.

If rosters were suddenly cut to 7, who would you want? If rosters were 5, who would you want? And so on. 3. We’ll also assume that everyone’s healthy.

His #15 to #11 can be found here, and #10 to #6 can be found here. I decided to partake, though without separating it into 3+ well thought out posts. Instead, I have 1 post with 1 sentence explaining my thoughts (at least partially). For those that know my thoughts about the Jazz, some of the rankings might be a bit of a surprise, but it’s how I seriously see it right now. (My list below)

15- Flop. The 4th center. We don’t need that many.
14- Almond. Doesn’t fit into the J-Slow system. Unfortunate, because he’s got potential.
13- Price. He was solid last year, but the team tried to make him a solid PG this year. Oops.
12- Knight. Veteran leadership is nice, but the jump-shot (or lack thereof, as of late) hurts.
11- Korver. I don’t know why, but it’s just not clicking for him this year.
10- Harding. Love the effort, hate the game. Kills us defensively, and can’t stay with his guy.
9- CJ. He can shoot at times. Sadly, that’s about all he provides.
8- Fesenko. Yeah, I’m serious. Potential, and the ability to be the back-up big we need.
7- The Koof. He’s been solid this year, and a Fes/Koof combo would be fun to watch.
6- Brewer. Just imagine if he had a jumper…
5- Booze. Him & Okur’s spots might be interchangeable, he’s lower now because of injury.
4- Okur. We really need him to show up, as the latest games have proven.
3- AK. If he does need of surgery, we’re going to miss him big time. Even if he’s overpaid.
2- ’Sap. Has really stepped up with Booze. Sadly, no one else has joined him.
1- Deron. The PG is the star of the Jazz (Stockton, Maravich, etc.)… and this guy is next.

Thoughts? Comments? Disagreements? I wonder how much this would change if it was updated after every game…

3 responses to “Jazz Roster Ranking

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  1. So here we go:

    15-10: Collins, Fesenko, Almond, Knight, Price.

    9-5: Harpring, Korver, Koufos, Miles, Brewer,

    5-1: Okur, Millsap, Kirilenko, Boozer, Williams.

    Yes, that’s my order.

    I think the Williams/Boozer combo makes the team very dangerous. It open up shooters, it frees Brewer as a cutter, it even makes Okur much more dangerous as a shooter. The pick and roll is almost non-existent with this squad right now. Millsap has his little set of moves, and he’s a damn good player, but he’s not polished.. yet.

    This last stretch shows how valuable AK is. Especially when/if Boozer gets back in there, to have AK on the weakside to help block shots and wreak havoc, it’s extremely important.

    I put Fesenko near the bottom because I don’t think he’ll be anything but a confused big guy in a complicated system. If Korver could shoot, he’d probably be #7, but since he forgot how, he’s bordering Harding status.

    Oh well, it’s late, I wish I drank so I could get drunk after the Spurs loss, and I have to wait ’til Friday to get back on the Jazz horse.

  2. I think I have Booze a bit lower because of the injury (yes, I know it says he’s ignoring injuries, but if nothing else, the injury troubles worry me).

    Fesenko… we’ve seen flashes of what he can do. I think if he’s given time and the opportunity to develop (doubtful, unfortunately), he could be a solid back-up (if nothing else) for us. Though I guess the same goes for Miles…

  3. Excellent !

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