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Jazz Survive Pesky Wolves   Leave a comment

Well, that was too close for comfort… at least until the final 5 minutes, when the Wolves finally faded. The Jazz started slowly, but got a lift from Kyle Korver, who was on fire to end the first quarter/start the 2nd. Which is good, because he imploded in the 2nd half… shooting wise. (4-5 in the first half, 0-4 in the 2nd half.) Though he finished with a +33… which is amazing, because the Jazz only won by 17.

AK has been on fire as of late. Which is huge. I’d say more, but as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words… and there’s quite a few pictures there. I don’t have that many words to write.

By all accounts, Ronnie Brewer owned the 4th quarter. I don’t remember, because I was just following online. But it’s Ronnie Brewer, so I wouldn’t doubt it. He did have 16 of his 20 points in the 4th quarter. Oh, and kudos to booner for his helping the Jazz too.

The Jazz had 7 players in double-digits. The T-Wolves had 5. Only 2 double-doubles though… Deron, who struggled for most of the game, and Kevin Love… who had his at halftime! Yay for defense! Though it seems Deron always struggles against Minny.

Booze is back… kinda. Memo Okur had a bad first quarter (just 1 shot, which went in, 2 fouls, and some bad D), but finished with 25 points (4-5 from long range).

Luckily for us, ESPN didn’t have to make an excuse for the T-Wolves. Speaking of ESPN, Amar has up a post on the wwl… one including an epic tangent. Seriously.

The Jazz shot 53%, which is great. Plus 38% from downtown, and 33-38 from the FT line.
Oh, and speaking of the Wolves, they (like the Blazers & Thunder) kinda scare me. All 3 teams are loaded with draft picks, and have talented youngsters. The Wolves… they have a solid front-court duo of Al Jefferson (injured right now) and rookie Kevin Love. They also have guys like Ryan Gomes & Randy Foye (trading Brandon Roy for him still has to hurt) and Sebastian Telfair around… plus Corey Brewer (injured) and Rodney Carney (who I love using on NBA 2K7). Stop-n-Pop has a look to the kinda-near future (after the draft), and it’s not making things better. Not mention, they have a future pick of ours (the Korver trade) as well. If the Jazz catch fire, it could be the pick this year.

I’ll take the win last night though. The Jazz have now won 6 straight, and host Sacramento on Saturday.

Booze’s Return…   Leave a comment

Let’s be honest… whether we love Booze or hate him, this is huge for the Jazz. He, when healthy, makes the Jazz a much better team… both with his presence on the court, and the strengthening of the bench. No doubts about that (last years playoffs excluded).

The Jazz will finally have their preseason starting 5 on the court together today (first time all season!), and it’ll allow them to put ‘Sap back on the bench.

SLC Dunk
The Cowhide Globe
Peachtree Hoops

Booze expects to play about 5 minutes/quarter today as he tries to get back into shape.

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Booze On Monday?   Leave a comment

He could be back as soon as Monday.

With Carlos Boozer expected to return tonight, the Jazz would have all 15 players on their roster healthy for the first time this season. That could leave Kyrylo Fesenko , Morris Almond and Kosta Koufos all designated for the inactive list.

Oh… poor The Koof. What did he do wrong? Other than totally school everyone in dancing, that is.

Sloan said he would consider sending all three players to the NBA Development League’s Utah Flash, though the Jazz could only send two of them at any one time.

Kinda unfortunate for Almond as well. His Jazz career might be coming to an end, and he can’t even get off of the inactive list. And it’s most definitely not due to a lack of talent… he’s got plenty of that.

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Bryon Russell… Comeback?   Leave a comment

Ex-Jazzster Bryon Russell, him of the Stockton to Malone days, is interested in coming back. Conversations have gone on between his agent and 4 teams… the Celtics, the 76ers, the Thunder and the Suns. Interesting. The Thunder though?

“I want to help some playoff teams and get back into the game that I love,” said Russell of playing in Boston. “I work out every day. The rust part can get worked out just by playing with the fellas. I wouldn’t take away from The Big Three [in Boston]. I would love to play with them. I have nothing to prove. I want to lend a helping hand with the loss of [James ] Posey by playing defense, knocking down jump shots, and basically playing the role of a Posey. I got some life in these legs. Now that the [trade] deadline is over, I think people are looking to add a veteran on their squad. I’m hoping I can provide that.”

The Celtics really seem desperate for bench help. I’m surprised the Kobes aren’t mentioned… aren’t they talking with Cheap Shot Bob and the likes too?

Greg Ostertag… it’s time to start warming up again. Your name is next.

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RIP LHM   2 comments

Thanks for everything.
You will be missed.

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Mikki Moore, Free Agents   Leave a comment

He’s a free agent now.

“I’m kind of glad that I’m leaving Sacramento because I thought that I was going to make a home here,” Moore said by phone. “Especially after having a good season in New Jersey, I thought that they wanted me and needed me here. So I was looking forward to retiring here, but it just didn’t work out that way.”

So… do the Jazz cut someone to sign him? Or not? (Doubtful, but eh… need something to blog about.)

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Mikki Moore?   Leave a comment

Mikki Moore? He might be an option if the Kings release him.

According to, Mikki Moore will be bought out and released by Sacramento, which would give the Jazz an opportunity to sign him for the rest of the season for a much smaller investment than they would have made trading for him.

And more importantly…

According to, Mikki Moore will be bought out and released by Sacramento, which would give the Jazz an opportunity to sign him for the rest of the season for a much smaller investment than they would have made trading for him.

Bye-bye Flop or Almond?

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