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This only relates to the Jazz indirectly. The Raptors & Heat have agreed to a deal that’ll send Shawn Marion & Marcus Banks to Toronto, and Jermaine O’Neal & Jamario Moon to Miami. Marion needed a change of scenery, it seems, but Calderon/Marion/Bosh could show flashes of Nash/Marion/Stoudemire… which I don’t think The Matrix much enjoyed. On the other hand, the Heat now have a Wade/O’Neal combo. The last time they had that, they won the NBA Finals. Of course, we’re talking about a different O’Neal now.

What this does it more or less take Miami out of the running for Booze if/when he opts out, but that could lead to a painful domino effect

What this DOES do is take Carlos Boozer off the table for Miami this summer, which could create a domino chain that makes Paul Millsap more likely to move

Oh man… not good.

Posted February 13, 2009 by S S in Carlos Boozer, Paul Millsap, trade

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  1. SO not good.

    watch boozer go back on his “i’m definitely opting out” statement now too.

    but if we lose anyone, i don’t think it’ll be sap. isn’t the rule that a team can go over the cap to sign a player they drafted?

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