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Health = Overrated   Leave a comment

Well, there is an early game today (starting about now) in Toronto.
And the Jazz will be without… you guessed it. Booze, who suffered a sprained ankle in the Nuggets game. ‘Sap will get the start.

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The Injuries! They Won’t Stop!   Leave a comment

Yeah… another one. This time, Deron Williams. He’s day-to-day right now.

In an unrelated story, the Jazz host the Bobcats tonight… without 3 of their top players. On the other hand, the Bobcats will be without Gerald Wallace.

And in another unrelated story, I will be going on a slight (partial?) hiatus (barring a trade or transaction or something) for a bit (at least until my econometrics course ends in March, maybe more) as I try to get hang of this “studying in all your free-time for anatomy” thing. I could post just scores… but you can find that anywhere else. We’ll see.

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Surgery For AK   Leave a comment

One more down…

Kirilenko will undergo surgery this morning to remove a bone fragment in the ankle. He had tried unsuccessfully to put off the surgery until after the season and play through the discomfort with a series of cortisone shots.

The Jazz have gone 0-4 since Kirilenko suffered a recurrence of pain in the ankle last week, dropping 1½ games out of playoff position, and will have to survive at least until the All-Star break without both Kirilenko and Carlos Boozer.

He, like Booze before him, will be out until after the ‘all-star’ break (all-star my a**, it’s a stupid popularity contest that should be named as such).

I’d suggest we go out and sign a FA (because there’s no way J-Slow gives more time to the youngsters), but we’re too busy giving Flop a bench-warming seat to go replace him with a more useful player (read… anyone!).

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Inspired? I Call BS.   Leave a comment

“Utah Jazz Inspired By Owner’s Ordeal”

This was an inspired game? Damn… I’m really hoping the ‘uninspired’ Jazz never show up. That could get ugly very, very quickly.

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AK Needs Surgery?   2 comments

Oh man.

Kirilenko, who missed two games in early December with the same injury, had been hoping to postpone surgery until the offseason.

“There is a possibility,” Kirilenko said when asked after Sunday night’s loss to Denver if he might instead undergo surgery now.

Kirilenko plans to meet with medical personnel today to chart of plan for action, which could include additional rest, another shot or — worst-case scenario — surgery that would have him out 3-to-4 weeks.

Be sure to turn the lights off on your way out. This one is over.

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Another Game, Another Injury   Leave a comment

Well, it was bound to happen. The one starter who hasn’t missed a game this season (seriously?) manages to get hurt.

Miles suffered a moderate sprain of his right ankle and left the arena in a walking boot. He had to be helped off the court, but did walk to the locker room, which Williams said was something he couldn’t have done after his injury.

If CJ misses any time, Mo Almond would get his shot at starting.

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Booze To Undergo Arthroscopic Surgery   Leave a comment

Well, the absence will continue

After having tried to conservatively rehabilitate his left knee, which has not responded satisfactorily, and reviewing all of the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test results, Dr. Richard Ferkel and Jazz team orthopedist Dr. Lyle Mason have decided to perform an arthroscopic procedure on Boozer’s left knee joint.

He’ll undergo the surgery on January 9th, and be out for at least a month. That makes for early/mid-February. The trade deadline is a bit after that, if the Jazz were to try and trade him… though that looks even more doubtful now.

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