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Just some quick hits while I try to recover from an anatomy test (and the lack of sleep that came with it)…

  • HOF finalists include 2 of our own… John Stockton and J-Slow. And many other famous names.
  • Do (or did) the Rockets have interest in Booze? Don’t they already have enough injury-prone guys?
  • I’ve joined the twittering crowd. Not solely Jazz related, but there’s some stuff there. Kyle Korver is also on Twitter… don’t know about the rest of the team. He doesn’t update much though.
  • No real Jazz rumors as the deadline approaches… kinda sad. Makes the weekend a bore too.
  • The Popularity Game takes place tonight or tomorrow or something… I really have no idea. And I don’t really care.
  • Nate Robinson won the Slam Dunk Contest by jumping over a person to dunk it. Déja vu?
  • Elsewhere… Terry Porter might be fired. John Paxson might step down. Vinsanity might be on the move. Amar’e feels slighted by the trade rumors. The Cavs are trying to add a big. AI got a hair cut. A-Rod cheated and pitchers reported for Spring Training… sorry, wrong sport.

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Jazz Extend Sloan   12 comments

Via the Deseret News.

The verdict is now out on who’ll be coach again, though. Jerry Sloan, the Jazz organization announced in a press release today, will be coming back for his 22nd season as head coach.

As has been recent tradition, Sloan agreed to a one-year contract with the Jazz for the 2009-10 season.

I guess it’s time the Jazz realize that the players they have (especially the youngsters) don’t mesh with the coach. And if the coach is sticking around forever, there needs to be changes to the roster. At least if you plan on winning it all anytime soon.

Loyalty is great. But when it’s resulting in the same, disappointing results year after year… something has to change. It’s up to the higher up guys to decide what changes. And they have to act on it.

Not to take away from J-Slow at all. He’s a great coach, and has been a huge boon for the Jazz. Even if he’s unable to win it all… which is what the fans want. I’m not the biggest J-Slow fan out there (I hate how he doesn’t develop the rookies, and how he gives too much time to subpar vets because of loyalty or “toughness” or something, and etc.), but you can’t ignore what you have. We have a solid coach.

We have the solid coach We have a solid PG. Other than that… it’ll all be up in the air after this season ends. Time for the front office to make their move.

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Jazz Visit The Timberwolves   2 comments

The Jazz, coming off of a disappointing loss in Phoenix at the end of a back-to-back on Saturday, begin a 2-game Northwest Division opponent swing. The Jazz sit at 13-9, and 5-5 in their last 10. The T-Wolves sit at 4-15 (3-7 in their last 10), and come in on a 5-game losing streak. And the T-Wolves become the 2nd Jazz opponent of the last 3 to be bringing in a new coach. In this case, it’s ex-GM (that role was taken from him and given to no one) Kevin McHale… aka the guy that helped the Celtics win the championship by giving them KG. I assume he really enjoyed watching his ex-team win it all.

Links & Things & stuff like that…

  • SLC Dunk’s game thread focus’s on the important story from the Jazz side… J-Slo’s 20-year anniversary. I think I remember reading something before the season about the Jazz asking to be able to have a game on this day at home to honor him, but of course David Stern & the NBA just gave the Jazz a big, fat “F*** YOU!”. It’s all they know how to do anyways.
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Third Quarter Explosion Carries Jazz   1 comment

For the first 2 quarters, the game was relatively close, up right through the half-time buzzer, at which point the Kings had evened the game up at 50. This was a huge disappointment to most Jazz fans, because it wasn’t expected to be this close. The Kings had been struggling all season, and were still without their star player. The Jazz had their key player back (even with 1 guy still out), and are supposed to be championship contenders. These are the type of games you’re supposed to win with relative ease, aren’t they?

Fortunately, there was still a half left to play. Well, fortunately for the Jazz, at least. The Jazz absolutely exploded in the 3rd quarter (you know, the quarter that has been killing them for most of the season), rolling up a 44-17 (!!!) advantage in the quarter and rolling to a 26 point win (120-94). Yeah… I’m not quite sure what happened during halftime, but it worked well. Hopefully (for the players sake) J-Slo didn’t pull a Mike Singletary.

Player Notes (& More) Below
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1-1 Road Trip   2 comments

That went as expected, more or less. The Jazz got destroyed by the Spurs, then took their revenge by beating the Grizzlies. Of course, it took J-Slo yelling at them from the bench, telling them where to stand and all of that, for the win to come, but I guess a win is a win. Even if the coach is the 6th man of the game.

Tonight… a home date with the Bulls. The Bulls will be without Kirk Hinrich, the Jazz will be without every player of significance.

Of unrelated news… the Knicks might have interest in Booze when he becomes a FA after the season.

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Jazz Return Home, Pound Suns   Leave a comment

See, all the Jazz needed was to get off of the road. Maybe if we could petition the NBA to let the Jazz play all their games at home… nah. David Stern hates the Jazz enough to tell his refs to not call fouls when ‘Sap is hammered every play, no way he does anything to even partially help the team. I’m surprised he still lets them play 41 home games.

A solid win after a miserable 1st quarter. The 4th quarter was huge though… the team got hot, they got some solid D, and they walked out with a 109-97 win. The Jazz had a huge advantage on the boards, helped largely by the fact that the Fat Cactus only had 1 board. Yeah… 1! Just FYI… the only Jazz players (that played, obviously) he outrebounded were Flop (who totally sucks) and Koufos, who only played 4 minutes (each finished with 0 boards). On the other hand, his 5 assists would’ve been good for 3rd on the Jazz (behind the 2 PGs). The Jazz also caught breaks with Steve Nash & the Fat Cactus both in foul trouble throughout, helping overcome the 30 points from Amare.

I know there was the foul trouble (especially Nash) that killed them, but the Suns didn’t look like the Suns of last year. The Jazz zone, which they had to use whenever a certain guy with no knees entered because he can’t defend a rock, really seemed to stifle the Suns. Save, of course, the times when a player walked past No Knees and found himself open. Shaq found him too, and the Suns had 2 points. Oh, and the shocking stat (even more than Fat Cactus’ 1 rebound)… Shaq was 75% (3-4) from the line. Nice job Flop.

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Jazz Finish Road Trip 1-4   Leave a comment

Well, that game went as expected. The Jazz, shorthanded due to the absence of 3 key players (and the absence of a player that isn’t all that good), struggled early and suffered yet another loss. They finish the Eastern Conference road-swing (part I of III) with a 1-4 record, resulting in more talk about how the Jazz can’t win on the road (save for the Clippers game earlier this season). And for the most part, it seems true. Of course, they didn’t have their full team for any of the games, but still, you have to win with what you have. Other teams do it. Oh, and all the blah about how the Jazz have a deep bench… that has to stop. Because, while the first couple of guys off are solid (save for the game last night), the rest of the bench is on the bench for a reason.

The Jazz fell behind early, and fell behind big. Luckily, the Jazz went on a mini-run to end the quarter (aided by a buzzer-beating 3 pointer by Ronnie Price), and then started the 2nd quarter on fire, carrying the momentum and going into the locker room with a lead. The Cavs woke up after that though, and took over, winning by double digits when all was said and done.

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