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Who Starts If AK Doesn’t?   1 comment

Three men in a tub
And how do you think they got there?
The ex-Sixer, the first rounder, the high schooler,
They all came via the brain of Kevin O’Connor!
‘Twas enough to make a man stare.
(Thank you, Wikipedia)

As the season approaches, there has been a lot of talk about potentially bringing Andrei Kirilenko off of the bench. In his place, the Jazz have 3 options. Three players… 2 youngsters (CJ Miles, Morris Almond) and 1 relative newcomer (Kyle Korver). In this offseason’s revolving door that is the starting small forward spot, these 3 are fighting for that starting spot (assuming there is in fact a changing of the guard). So, which of them deserves it? Which doesn’t? (Don’t forget to vote in the poll at the end!)

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Hollinger Likes Himself Some Jazz   Leave a comment

Well, this is a surprise. Given relative lack of interest in the Jazz around the NBA every year (and the constant placing of them below every other team in the Western Conference in all pre-season rankings), not much was expected. Especially not from the WWL. Which is why John Hollinger’s pre-season forecast for the Jazz is such a surprise.
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Deron Williams Will Be In London   Leave a comment

The US team did well in the recently passed Olympics. Fairly well. The team is already looking ahead to 2012, when the games will be played in London. One of the players this year was our own Deron Williams, who had a great time and expressed a desire to be on the team 4 years from now.

He spent this year behind the veteran Jason Kidd, but you have to think that 4 years from now, Deron will be one of the leaders and Kidd will be sitting at home watching (no guarantee, but it seems likely). Provided, of course, that the team will have Deron back.

And the word right now seems positive

And he wants to continue representing this country going forward, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing him in 2012 in London.”

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Genius Alert! Denver   Leave a comment

Scrolling through RealGM today, I came across this article about how Nene didn’t like the Marcus Camby trade for various reasons. It also mentions that the Nuggets are relying on Nene to be their center of the present/future. That’s also fine (we’ll ignore health and all for now). But then comes this magical quote (emphasis mine)…

In Denver there is a belief that Nene is an all-star talent if he can stay healthy and refine his game.

Um… doesn’t that fit every single player in the league? Seriously… if you traded Marcus Camby for that reason, there could be problems. God… if Jason Hart could refine his game, he’d be an All-Star useful option off of the bench.

Sorry Denver, that’s a horrible reason. While I would have no problem seeing Denver struggle every year (I think the proper term is “My team is better than your team”), you gotta hope for the fans that they didn’t just trade Camby because they think Nene could be an All-Star caliber player if he starts playing like Amare Stoudemire.

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Off-Season Linkage   2 comments

Wow, it’s been way too long. Classes, work, etc. Throw in a very quite end to the off-season (seriously, has there been anything new anytime recently?), and there hasn’t been much to say. Luckily, other people disagree, and have things to say. Plenty of it.

  • the WWL’s top 5 teams as we enter the season. That’s right. Somehow, LBJ, Mo Williams and a ragtag group of “who’s that?” players are good enough to make #5, while the Jazz aren’t mentioned. And how the defending champion Celtics aren’t #1 is beyond me. How can they fall without having a chance to prove themselves?
  • The Jazz TV schedule is out, and every single game this season will be televised! That’s right… all 82 games, plus all 7 pre-season games (and obviously all the playoff games). Unfortunately, after the pre-season, only 16 games are on KJZZ. The rest are on Fox Sports, ESPN & TNT. Which means that I’ll only get to watch parts of 16 regular seaspm games this season. Fu**! Why the sudden shift to Fox Sports? I hate it. Oh well, I guess it’s good if I want to cut my addiction to sports. Stupid Jazz.
  • Adrian Dantley finally got into the HOF. I don’t have much to say, since I’ve never seen him play, but based on stats, this was a long time coming. Congratulations to him!
  • Amar over at All That Jazz has really dialed up the posting as of late… and there’s been some good pieces. Here’s a look at the 5 big problems with J-Slow’s coaching. It’s an amazing piece that really breaks down all the complaints I’ve had with J-Slow. Yes, I still feel that way. But, as Amar states at the end…

    I think that there is room for improvement (and his staff helps out with this), and I do not know which coach I’d rather have take over my team if you gave me the choice to do so this moment.

    Nails it on the head. Another piece here, looking at the 11 national TV games for the Jazz. The one question I have… he says Boston didn’t get better this off-season (agreed) but the Jazz did. My question is… how did the Jazz improve? Is Brevin Knight really all that? Oh, and another piece looking at the best PF rotations in the league. He’s just been on the ball all off-season.

  • Over at Living and Dying by the Jazz, dwillfan takes a look at the Jazz line-up, and gets in plenty of digs at Booze in the process. As is expected. Numbers are thrown in as well, if that’s your interest.
  • True Blue Jazz, unlike Amar, has been totally out of it. They’ve had 2 short posts since the Olympics hysteria ended… the first is Booze!, and the 2nd deals with football and was posted 15 minutes ago. Seriously. Almost as bad as I’ve been with this posting thing. Almost. Of course, my excuse is that I’ve been posting here a ton as of late.
  • And finally, a link with selfish-reasoning… for all you Fantasy Basketball fans, check out Give Me The Rock. And if you’re really feeling generous, spread the word, and get their Fantasy Draft Guide (I’ll admit, that’s kinda why I’m posting fantasy basketball related stuff at a time where the fantasy football season is just starting).

The season is approaching!

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7 Reasons To Trade AK   3 comments

After my 7 reasons to keep AK, this list just makes sense as being the next one. There have been many people calling for the team to dump him, for various reasons that stretch from the fact he is overpaid to the fact that the team needs cash next year (not really related, even though one causes the problems with the 2nd). So… on to the 7 reasons to trade AK.
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7 Reasons To Keep AK   6 comments

Earlier, I mentioned the 7 reasons thing going on over at SLC Dunk. Sadly, that has come to an end… or it had. I’ve decided to pick it back up. I have at least 4 lists in mind, this is the first of them (for those of you that want AK to go… don’t worry, that’s my next list). So, with all that mentioned… 7 reasons the Jazz should keep AK around.
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