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Suns/Bobcats Deal   3 comments

The deal:
Suns get: J-Rich, Jared Dudley
Bobcats get: Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, Sean Singletary

Seems like a wash for ex-Jazzmen today (Shorty gets cut, Bell leaves a team he wasn’t happy with).

Interesting deal though… the Suns add another wing that would really fit the system if D’Antoni was coach. (Note to Steve Kerr… D’Antoni isn’t the coach!)

Bell was unhappy in the new system. Fine. You have to deal him. From the rumblings over at Bright Side of the Sun, it seems like they think Diaw was being overpaid (which he probably was, at $9 million). Still, just dealing him because of that is stupid. I look for the Suns to be trying to add a better PG soon, be it via trade or FA. Or maybe just play Barbosa a whole lot more, as he could end up being the key back-up behind both Nash & J-Rich. They do have Alando Tucker too, but I don’t think he’s just going to jump up to playing major minutes. And trading Diaw… all of a sudden, their back-up bigs are Robin Lopez & Louis Amundson (another ex-Jazzster). Not exactly solid… at least not yet.
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Jazz Lose On Road Again   2 comments

Yet again, the Jazz play horribly on the road (save for the very end) and come away with a loss in a game that they should have won (no offense to the Bobcats, but if the Jazz want to be considered “contenders”, they have to win games like this). Yes, even if they’re shorthanded and without 3 of their stars. They weren’t the only shorthanded team (the Bobcats were without Jason Richardson). The Bobcats still showed up. And as a result, they picked up their 3rd win on the season, while handing the Jazz their 3rd loss.

The Jazz started out fast, jumping ahead 7 after 1. But, as Booner put it best

Bobcats tomorrow night. Jazz fans are the only fans in the world scared to face the Bobcats.

Throw in the fact that it was on the road, and yeah… the Bobcats won the next 3 quarters (the 2nd by 8, the 3rd by 2, and the 4th by 5). Game. The Jazz made some sort of effort late, but it was “too little, too late” by that point. And yes, I’m blaming J-Slo again. Why not? I mean, just look at the minutes he handed out

Other quick notes… Adam Morrison has a shot. Now, if he could do anything else on the court, he might show why he was a lottery pick. Until then, though, he’s just an overdrafted Steve Novak. I like DJ Augustin. I wonder if they’d take someone like Almond or Fesenko or the likes for him. Actually, I guess not… the Jazz don’t need 4 PGs. Though whether or not Price is really a PG is up for debate.

Player Notes Below
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