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No, I didn’t forget tonight. Worse… I got stuck in the cold outside because UTA is stupid & the bus driver decided to leave 10 minutes early today.

Anyhow, the Jazz beat the Pistons in 2OT last night. The 2OTs allowed ‘Sap to get his double-double, and also caused 4 Pistons to foul out, really helping the Jazz.

Tonight, it’s a game in Chicago against the Bulls (blown out in Boston last night). No Drew Gooden for the Bulls… he got hurt last night. The other Bulls starters, save Luol Deng, all got less than 25 minutes.

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It’s almost half-time right now, with the Jazz up 52-51.

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Four things.

  1. Andres Nocioni flops. A lot. Call the flops, not the stupid fouls! (By the way, Mr. Stern… whatever happened to fining all the floppers? Stupid liar.)
  2. ‘Sap gets hacked. A ton. Call the fouls!
  3. Why is it a foul if a guy runs into the lane totally out of control, and the defender backs away!? Players shouldn’t get the benefit for running into the lane like a headless chicken.
  4. Larry Hughes?!?!? Seriously?!?!?

Here’s the boxscore if you’re interested. I’m not.

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Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.

Very quick hits…

  • Booze went 3-14 from the field. Remember, in the first game, he was near perfect. Huge turnaround in the 2nd half of a back-to-back can’t be good… especially when it’s the same team. How will he look when the team changes in a similar situation?
  • Kyle Korver had yet another bad shooting game. Not good.
  • CJ Miles went 1-7 from the field. Yikes.
  • Brewer & ‘Sap = awesome!
  • Get better Deron. Get better soon. Please.

Not much to say, as yet another “every preseason game on KJZZ” game wasn’t on KJZZ.

Preseason Game 5… Bulls 108, Jazz 105   Leave a comment

Another game, another loss. Preseason is preseason though… we’ll live with it. Yet again, notes from the game.

  • Deron tried too hard, it seemed, in the first quarter… trying to score for the college hometown crowd. He settled down, finishing with 5 assists in a scoreless first half. And then he exploded in the 3rd quarter, attacking the hoop often and finishing the game with 11 points and 9 assists.
  • Okur & Booze absolutely had their way down low on the offensive end. Okur finished 8-11 from the field (missed his lone 3-pointer), and Booze finished 8-12. Okur failed to convert on 3 3-point play opportunities early… that obviously hurt the Jazz.
  • After missing a jumper to start each of the last 2 games, CJ listened to J-Slow and started off with a lay-up. Which he missed. But he followed that up by draining a couple of jumpers.
  • ‘Sap also had his way inside, finishing 5-6 from the floor and 6-8 from the line.
  • Korver was just 2-7 from the field. Ouch.
  • Brevin Knight reinjured his thumb… hopefully he’s alright.
  • Almond & Fesenko looked horrible yet again. Fesenko did have 2 blocks. Almond should not be running the point. Ever.
  • The Bulls were 9-26 from long range, draining 4 of those in the 4th quarter. Someone (cough*Almond*cough) doesn’t know how to defend the pick-and-roll. The Jazz were 1-5.
  • The Jazz shot 43 FTs… and made just a touch over 60% of them. Time for Kyle Korver to open his own FT shooting camp for the Jazz players. That’s just horrible.
  • Ronnie Brewer is absolutely amazing!
  • ‘Sap lost his goggles after 1 day. And Joakim Noah’s are… um, quite the fashion statement.
  • And finally… I’ll admit, 2 years ago, I was kinda in the “draft Aaron Gray” bandwagon. Not because I was high on him, but because the team needed a big, and it seemed as if Gray would be around (he was). The team ended up with Almond, and the Fesenko (Gray was gone by the time the 2nd round pick came). While it’s more or less been a wash, I’d like to officially announce that I am off that bandwagon.

Up next… another game against the Bulls tonight. This time in Chicago. Luckily for the Jazz, the Bulls will be using Larry Hughes instead of Ben Gordon tonight.


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