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A Tale Of Two Halves   Leave a comment

The over-used cliche really describes the Jazz/Nuggets game well. The Jazz played like crap in the first half… falling behind by 19 at one point (before cutting the lead to 10 at the break). ‘Sap had only taken 1 shot. Booze started 2-3 for 4 quick points, and then missed his next 4 shots. Okur struggled. Deron struggled. Brewer was just 1-4. The bench had contributed a total of 4 points. CJ was his crappy version. They were settling for jumpers, and missing. The first half can be described in 2 words

And then the team came onto the court revitalized. For all the crying by the Nuggets, what the Jazz did was simple… they started attacking the hoop. And in this league that we call the NBA, that’ll draw a lot more fouls than shooting jump-shots will. The Jazz attacked early and often. They found the FT line very comforting, and before you knew it, the Jazz were back in the game. And it stayed close until Dahntay Jones decided to piss off Deron. And then it was on. Two treys by CJ to end the 3rd started the run, and the Jazz were up by around 10 until the end of the game. Everyone knows that you don’t upset the Ninja (credit Shums for the Ninja comments). Anyhow, Brewer & Deron took over and more or less carried the Jazz despite off nights for both Booze & Okur.

The hero = Deron. Duh!

The win runs the streak to 10 games, and has brought the Jazz (after last night’s games) to with 0.5 games of first place in the Northwest.

The next game is currently on-going (in the 2nd half) in Toronto. I’m sorry, but early starts are a pain. Especially early starts the same day that we lose an hour. That said, J-Slow needs to know his rotations better, even with Booze out. Some guys should not be seeing the court at all, other guys need to be playing more. And if someone is playing well, let him keep playing. Screw your “I need to take him out after 6 minutes” rotation.

Denver 117, Utah 97   Leave a comment

Kyrylo Fesenko

15 minutes, 2-4 shooting, 2-5 from the line, 3 rebounds, 2 steals, 4 blocks, 6 points

Kosta Koufos

11 minutes, 4-5 shooting, 2-4 from the line, 6 rebounds, 10 points

The centers of our future?

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Minor Trades Made… None By Jazz   Leave a comment

Update: Hassan Adams has a Shaun Livingston pulled on him, as he is released just hours after being traded for.

OKC trades a big man … to the Nuggets. The trade is as follows…

Nuggets get: Johan Petro, OKC’s 2nd round pick in 2009
Thunder get: Chucky Atkins, Denvers 1st round pick in 2009

Chucky Atkins. Seriously. It’s a salary dump for the Nuggets (like the Marcus Camby trade before the season and the Cheikh Samb trade a couple days ago… both to the Clippers, no less). The team had no need for Atkins, and decided they needed a young big-man that wasn’t Samb. Atkins is making $3.2 million this year, Johan Petro is at $1.9 million.

I guess my hopes that the Jazz would add a big man took a slight blow, as I had mentioned the Thunder bigs… but I doubt they’ll trade either Sene or Swift now. The Jazz could’ve potentially made a similar trade… Mo Almond & Flop have salaries that add up to $3.1 million, and both are expiring contracts, unlike Atkins. And it’s not like the Thunder needed a PG… they’re already lacking the minutes to keep Earl Watson & Russell Westbrook happy. And both guys have 2 years left on their contract… with Westbrook being on his rookie contract (in other words, and extension can be made). In comparison to Petro, Swift’s salary (if traded) is something like $4 million, while Sene’s is $2.2 million. All 3 are in their final year, and Swift would have to consent to any trade. Even then…

In an interesting move, the Grizzlies, already overstocked with PGs, traded for Shaun Livingston & cash considerations. In exchange for him, they gave the Heat a conditional 2012 2nd round pick. And then the Grizzlies promptly waived him. So let me get this straight… the Grizzlies waived Darius Miles to make room for Livingston, traded for Livingston… and then waived Livingston. What?

And finally, the Clippers made another minor trade… after the aforementioned Cheikh Samb & cash for a conditional 2015 2nd round pick (if it’s in the bottom 5 of the round)… trading a future conditional 2nd round pick to Toronto for Hassan Adams.

I wonder if the Jazz will make a trade to improve… they not only have the available players (previously mentioned here), but also a small trade exception from the Jason Hart trade ($484,000).

Nuggets/Pistons Make A Deal   Leave a comment

No, this isn’t Jazz news. But it still impacts the Jazz in some ways. The Nuggets & Pistons completed a trade today, as Allen Iverson ended up in Detroit, and Chauncey Billups, Cheik Samb & Antonio McDyess found themselves going to Denver.

The Nuggets needed a PG, and they just found one. The Pistons, on the other hand, now have 2 SGs (AI & Rip… who just got an extension), and no real PG (unless Rodney Stuckey is ready to lead them).

There has also been talk of McDyess getting waived. If that happens, I think the Jazz should go after him. Flop is expendable (or Almond, it seems… if you can trade him for a pick), and McDyess would give the team a much better option inside than anyone we have (save ‘Sap, of course).

Good deal for both teams. It makes the Western Conference playoff race that much tougher.

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Jazz Start With A Win!   Leave a comment

Well, it definitely wasn’t pretty. But a win is a win, and now the Jazz are 1-0 on the regular season. It was a lot closer than many expected, largely because it was a very sloppy game featuring a lot of missed shots and without the presence of 2 of the stars… 1 from each side.

There may have been a lacking of stars with Deron & Hit-N-Run out, but the teams made it close and exciting. But in the end, Good prevailed, and the Jazz are 1-0 on the season.
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Game Day!   Leave a comment

Well, the regular season is finally here. And what better way for the Jazz to start the season than with a home game against the division rival Denver Nuggets?

We already know what the Jazz did this offseason… and a quick recap can be found here (just read the beginning if you so desire). As for those Nuggets? Full reviews here and here. The quick rundown? They let Eduardo Najera walk, and dealt Marcus Camby for nothing. They traded for Renaldo Balkman, added Chris Andersen and resigned JR Smith. There you go… the Denver Nuggets, now with even less D?

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Genius Alert! Denver   Leave a comment

Scrolling through RealGM today, I came across this article about how Nene didn’t like the Marcus Camby trade for various reasons. It also mentions that the Nuggets are relying on Nene to be their center of the present/future. That’s also fine (we’ll ignore health and all for now). But then comes this magical quote (emphasis mine)…

In Denver there is a belief that Nene is an all-star talent if he can stay healthy and refine his game.

Um… doesn’t that fit every single player in the league? Seriously… if you traded Marcus Camby for that reason, there could be problems. God… if Jason Hart could refine his game, he’d be an All-Star useful option off of the bench.

Sorry Denver, that’s a horrible reason. While I would have no problem seeing Denver struggle every year (I think the proper term is “My team is better than your team”), you gotta hope for the fans that they didn’t just trade Camby because they think Nene could be an All-Star caliber player if he starts playing like Amare Stoudemire.

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